Sunday, January 9, 2011

(43-166) Puppy Love

Anyone who knows me, or has read "The Bumpy Ride" before; knows that I am TOTALLY in love with my Chihuahua, Hershey.  We hadn't planned to get a dog, at the time that Hershey came into our lives; but as soon as we met her, the girls and I were smitten; and by the time we brought her home from Mexico, Nicky was too. 

Now I don't know many people who can resist a snuggle with a new, little puppy; and today, we were fortunate enough to spend time with three. The kids and I went over to my friend Jen's around noon, so that she and I could work on a banner for the Torpedo's, AND so that we kids see her new puppies that were born on Christmas.  We had seen pictures of the two puppies on Facebook, and I couldn't wait for my kids to meet them in person; as they had never seen such young puppies before.  Jen told us that the puppies had only started opening their eyes yesterday, and that one of the two, had been trying to stand up.  The kids and I took turn holding the puppies; and we were all enamored.   Just being in their presence made us giddy.

As if spending time with the new pups wasn't enough; we went to Michelle M's this evening and got to know her Chihuahua, puppy Sushi, who's about four months old.  Sushi is an apple head Chihuahua, unlike Hershey, who's a deer head; and she is sweet and affectionate, and wanted to cuddle right up to us; which we all adored.

There must be a reason that kids and adults alike love to go to the pet stores in the mall.  We all know that we shouldn't buy dogs there, because the prices are exorbitant and the puppies usually aren't in the best of health; and yet it's very difficult to resist a trip into the store, so we can ooh and ahh over all of the adorable pups.

There's just something about a puppy that puts a smile on the face, lifts the spirits and touches the soul.  If only we could bottle that feeling, like perfume and dab it on.  And yes, I'd call it Puppy Love.
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Joni Parker said...

We always have at least 2 dogs... Humane Society is the way to go!!