Thursday, January 13, 2011

(43-170) The Mystery of the Missing Paint Brush

On Monday, Luis and I went to Lowe's to buy some more paint and supplies for our big renovation.  Luis showed me a brush that he was interested in, and I told him to buy it.  We then promptly made our purchases; and brought them home. 

Well, last night, Luis began taping the walls that he was going to paint today, and he asked me if I had seen the bag with the paint brush and the small rollers.  I told him that I hadn't; and he continued his search to find it. Luis  looked around the house, and when he couldn't find it anywhere; he went out to the minivan to see if he had left the bag in the car.  He came in empty handed.

Fast forward to today... Luis resumed painting and periodically looked for the bag with the paint brush and rollers.  I tried to help him as well, and scoured the house for the allusive bag.  I asked each one of the kids to go out to the minivan to see if they could find it. I asked Lyndzi to look under the couch in the playroom; and when the bag didn't turn up; we pulled the couch away from the wall, to see if the bag had somehow gotten behind it; but it hadn't.

I asked Luis to check the receipt to confirm that we'd purchased the paint brush and rollers; but he told me that the receipt was in that bag.  Finally, when I was convinced that we had searched as much as possible; I found the phone number for Lowe's and called to see if we had accidentally left the bag there.  The customer service clerk didn't have our bag; but told me that if we brought our receipt in, they could locate the video tape from when we were in the store; and then they could check to see if we had left the bag.  I thought this was fascinating.  I explained that the receipt was in the missing bag; and the clerk told me that they could look up the credit card number that I used; locate the receipt via the credit card, and then locate the video, as I previously described.  I was impressed.

After dinner, Luis and I went back to Lowe's.  I told Luis that I hoped that they had the bag, because then I would have something to blog about; and then on second thought, I realized that I could blog about it, regardless.   We went directly to customer service and I explained why we were there.  And then, the customer service clerk asked "and you were in THIS store?"  I assured him that we had been in this exact store; thinking to myself "no, I left it somewhere else but I expect you to have it here."  And later, when I shared this with Luis; he told me that he had wanted to say "No, it was at Wal-mart."  But I digress...

The clerk looked up our credit card number and was able to locate our receipt.  He said "you purchased 2 gallons of Oat bran, a quart of white, and a package of edger refills."  HMMMM!  Whaddya know... Luis in fact had NEVER purchased the paint brush and rollers that we all had been searching for so diligently.  I had to laugh.

I know that I saw Luis with the paint brush in his hand; although I never recalled the rollers.  He must have placed the items down as he looked at the edger refills, and never picked them up again.  Oh well, stuff happens.  At least the mystery of the missing paint brush has been solved.
Till next time...

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Joni Parker said...

That is tooooo funny!! Good to know there isn't a "paint brush black hole"...and that Lowe's can look up stuff like that. Interesting!! So where is the receipt?