Thursday, January 20, 2011

(43-177) Gotta Dance!

#30 of "100 MORE Random things About Me," was "I wish that I danced more - A LOT more;"  and I know that I've mentioned how much I LOVE to dance, in several other posts as well.  I was a "Dancing Queen" at Bar Mitvahs and sweet sixteens; and then when I was a senior in high school, I went to The Hippodrome, in London (during a criminal justice seminar that was offered through our local community college;) and one night was all it took; I was hooked, and I couldn't wait to turn 18 so that I could head right to New York City and go dancing.

When I was 16, the drinking age in New York was 18, but by the time I was 18, the drinking age was changed to 19; and then it went up to 21; so not all clubs were admitting 18 year olds who didn't have fake I.D.  Chippendale's; however, turned into a dance club once their famous show was over; and they thankfully let 18 year olds in; so that became my regular hang out.  I never saw the show (not there's anything wrong with it;) just trying to make the point that I merely went there to dance.  During college there were all kinds of dance clubs to go to; after all, it was the Hamptons.  We also had weekly dances on campus as well; so I could shake a tail feather on a very regular basis.  During the summers, I worked at a bar, and dancing was a big part of my job.  On weeknights each club would have an employee night, so we went out dancing just about every night of the week, and worked on the weekend.  After college, I moved back to Rockland County, and even though I had a job, I still managed to go out several nights a week to go dancing.  When I met Luis in Puerto Vallarta, there were tons of dance clubs to go to, and we did; and then even after we got married, we went dancing quite a lot at Pleasure Island in Orlando.  With all that having been said, I think it's safe to say that  dance has been a big, no, not huge; but an important part of my life.  dance was / is something that I really enjoyed/enjoy; which is why I find it disappointing that there aren't many places (at least in the Phoenix area; at least that I know of,) where people over 20 something can go to dance; because if there were such a place, I'd totally go.   So Phoenicians, if you know of such a place, email me and we can go check, check, check it out.

In the meantime; I think I'm gonna just keep getting my groove on like I did this morning, IN MY CAR.  I didn't care who was looking, laughing, or watching.  I got down, "Boogie Oggie Oggie'd,"  I put on my "Boogie Shoes," and I did the "Last Dance."   It was just all about me, for me and  I went to work in a GREAT mood.  What a way to start the day!  You know I love me some Classic Disco.  THIS I have mentioned many times before as well; and today I found a station (it's not new; just new to me;) and it was a blast from the past all the way to work.  Thank you Mega 104.3  I had Boogie on my brain, for the rest of the day, thanks to my disco drive.

I definitely sense some dancing in my near future.  Between the disco lights and music at Great Skate taking me back to the day, and this morning's old school tunes on the radio; my toes have been tapping, "I've got the music in me" and I just gotta dance!   Let me know if you want to join me.
Till next time...

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Joni Parker said...

You're funny!! Queen of Everything including Dancin!