Monday, January 3, 2011

(43-160) A Cure For The Back To School Blues

I've previously mentioned that on the first day of school (as well as other special occasions;) I like to make Cinnamon rolls for my kids.  Since I'm not Lesa G; baker of the world's best, homemade, Lemon Bars nor am I Jenny and (SMF) David; Christmas Cookie chefs extraordinaire; I simply make Pillsbury (canned,) cinnamon rolls with CINNABON frosting; but my kids think they're just great.  So during one of my many Christmas break, trips to the supermarket; I picked up a can of cinnamon rolls; so that I could surprise the kids one morning.

I could have made the cinnamon rolls any day; and they would have been thrilled; but I decided that I would make them on their first day back to school.  I thought that it would be delightful to awake to the sweet cinnamony aroma that the baked pastries emanate.  But alas; on Sunday, I ruined my own surprise and told the kids about my plan;  because they were all so bummed about going back to school; and leaving me.

They all seemed so sad about the prospect of school starting up; so I thought I'd cheer them up by telling them that I planned to make them cinnamon rolls for breakfast; and indeed, this was a cure for the back to school blues.

I woke Lyndzi at 6:30am, and after she got dressed, I asked what she wanted for breakfast.  She gave me a quizzical look and I asked what was wrong.  With a perplexed tone, Lyndzi then said "I thought we were having cinnamon rolls."  Oh my gosh; she was right.  I'd forgotten MY OWN PLAN; so in the long run, I suppose that it was a very good thing that I had told them about it.   Thankfully I still had plenty of time to get the rolls in the oven; and by the time Nicky and Kelsie got up, I had just finished frosting the delectable dough.  The kids happily ate their cinnamon rolls; and I'm proud to say, that I did not.   

Kelsie was more cooperative than ever as she got ready for school.  I think that Lyndzi was looking forward to seeing her friends; but like Nicky, she would have just as soon stayed home; so when I dropped them at school, I assured them that their day would pass quickly; and that although I would miss them; I'd be fine.  It was bittersweet watching them walk towards the school; but I always seem to feel that way after having them home for a while.  I get spoiled.

I went back home, worked for a few hours and then met Lesa G at the gym.  I returned home resumed working; and I wish that I could say that time passed quickly; but truth be told, it didn't.  3:00 couldn't come soon enough for me; and when it did, I flew out the door to go pick up my angels.  I'm happy to report that despite their hesitation, everyone had a great day.  And as for me, I'm getting pinker by the minute.
Till next time...

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Joni Parker said...

You're too cute!! Great idea...