Monday, August 9, 2010

(43-13) Back To School

Although we've been living in Arizona for 13 years, I still haven't adjusted to our school schedule.  The kids got out of school for the summer on May 20th; so by the time we celebrated July 4th, our summer was half way over.  I absolutely adore summer vacation and having the kids at home with me, even though I have to work; so it's rather bittersweet when they have to return to school.
Last night both Lyndzi and Kelsie were very excited about going back to school; so much so, that they didn't think they'd be able to sleep.  Nicky on the other hand was less enthusiastic; even though he loves school.
As is our first day of school tradition; the intoxicating aroma of Cinnamon Rolls was permeating the air of our home this morning.   Lyndzi was so happy about going back to school, that she woke up just after 530 am; followed shortly by Kelsie; and Nicky waited for us to wake him at 630. The kids don't typically get up until 7, but since it was their first day back to school, they needed to have extra time for the ever enjoyable, back to school pictures.
Now I don't insist that the kids dress up, but they usually like to wear something that they've never worn to school before; so both girls opted for the dresses that they'd used for my cousin's wedding and Nicky had a new pair of cargo shorts and a v-neck t-shirt.  I think that this is the first year EVER, that Nicky hadn't worn a polo shirt on his first day; but his attire was meant to illustrate his more relaxed attitude.

What can I say; A picture is worth a thousand words. I'm as proud a Mama as you think I am and although the stillness of my house will take some getting used to again; it will be an honor to watch them all grow and learn for another year.
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Joni Parker said...

So sweet!! Adorable pics!! I get to do this tomorrow!

Queen of EVERYTHING said...

Thanks Joni! I hope your first day back to school goes as well as ours did. :)

Michelle said...

They look GORGEOUS!!! It is an honor to see our kids grow and learn, you hit the nail on the head. You always have a way of saying things so poignantly. Thank you for yet another wonderful peek into your life.

LORI said...