Monday, August 2, 2010

(43-6) Holy Scrap!

Today I finished working at 1230; and I got back to the matter of re-organizing my scrapbook stash.  After 4 days of examining all of my goodies; I think that I can honestly say that I have way TOO MUCH stuff for a scrapbooker of my caliber.  Now when I say "of my caliber" it's not that I'm putting myself down; I merely mean for someone who scrapbooks as infrequently as I do.  While I was sorting through all of my supplies, I found that I had at least 4 different means of storage for brads (paper fasteners of all colors, shapes and sizes - for you non-scrapbookers;) and I don't think I've even used a brad since 2007.   I divided my alphabet stickers, my chipboard and my rub-ons; all into different organizers and yet, all will have to be further separated and categorized at a later date.   I realized that while I'm spending my time putting everything in it's neat and tidy place, the last thing I'm going to want to do is pack up my arsenal and take it to a crop (a get together, party or gathering where scrapbookers work on their layouts - for all you non-scrapbookers.)  I further acknowledge that not only does scrapbooking take up the time while your cropping; but it also requires time prior to the crop to figure out what you're going to work on, pull out paper and coordinating embellishments and pack it all up.  Since time is something that I don't have a lot of; I think this may be one of the MAJOR reasons that my scrapbooking has come to a halt.

While going through ALL of my gadgets, great deals and must haves; I came to a few realizations:
1.  If  I wouldn't buy something at full price; I don't NECESSARILY need to buy it when it's on sale.  I think I would be much better served to pass by the sale and ONLY purchase something  (even if, DARE I SAY, I have to pay full price,) at a time when I know for sure that I'm going to use it right away.  This is a HUGE statement for me considering that I am the Queen of The DISCOUNT; but nonetheless, I think these are words that I need to heed.
2.  I must commit to either USE it or LOSE it.  If I don't start scrapbooking on a more regular basis, I really will need to try and sell off what I have because it won't be doing me any good.
3.  While I was putting away some of the layouts that had yet to make it into my kids albums, I perused all of the pages that I'd done thus far  and I found that I was very proud of many of them.  I don't toot my own horn often when it comes to scrapbooking; but I think I've done a great job to date and I am assured that my kids love what I am passing down to them.
4. When I compared the pages that I'd completed to the photos that I still have hanging around in boxes and bags; it became apparent that I need to GET BUSY because what I can pass on in a scrapbook is so much more than the pictures themselves.
5. I need to take some advice recently offered to me by the very wise Julie Tucker; which was NOT to spend too much time stressing over designing a layout or  worrying about the placement of EVERY little embellishment; because my kids are NEVER going to turn back to me and say "This is great mom but you should have put this flower in the other corner."  By listening to Julie, I believe I will be able to be a lot more productive.

And so, by tomorrow night my guestroom / office / craft room will be renovated and I will actually have enough room in there to scrapbook with 1 or 2 friends at a time;,without feeling claustrophobic; so consider yourself invited.  Let me know when you want to come by and preserve some memories with me.
Till next time...


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

YOU ROCK!!!!! I can see that when you have your room will be inspired again to create.... and awwwwwwwwww thanks love for the shout are tooooooooooooooo good to me :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Enjoy the Ride said...

I'm right there with ya, sister - I have waaaaaaay too much stuff for how infrequently I SB. My only rationalization is that someday, when I don't have that second job AT the scrapbook store where I buy everything at a DISCOUNT, I will be scrapbooking with ONLY the items I have. So, I guess I'm kind-of stockpiling for when supplies become low (i.e. no more discount). Y'know... kinda like storing up canned goods for the next war or something. Yeah, that's it... that's exactly it! :)

Joni Parker said...

I too have WAAYYY to much "stuff".... my solution to the "what to take" to a crop is that I'm in a couple monthly kit when I go crop, I grab a few kits (prepacked w/all stuff that coordinates), photos and a few tools.

I crop every day at home...yes, every day!!! I'd love to take you up on your invite......and come meet/crop & laugh w/you....