Thursday, August 12, 2010

(43-16) It's Official

As I am the Queen of FAIRNESS not to mention the Queen of PERSISTENCE; you had to know that I wasn't going to let the whole "SLENDIFEROUS" thing rest, without getting MY definition into "The Urban Dictionary."   Oh Yes; I LOVE a good game of beating the dead horse; and so, I made it my mission to submit "Slendiferous" as opposed to "Slendiferous Craig" to "The Urban Dictionary," and you know what they say about 3 times being a charm...Well, it's true!

I submitted MY rendition of "Slendiferous," right after posting "Definitions;" but sadly MY interpretation was rejected.  Not willing to accept defeat, I re-wrote my definition and tried to make it a little more "urban," but attempt #2 was denied as well.  Since sometimes 2 heads REALLY are better than one; when Michelle M was over the other night, (once we resolved the comment issue on "TBR,") we decided to tackle "The Urban Dictionary."   "Slendiferous" of course was our first goal; but then we also submitted "breastaurant," a word that I coined during my 6 years of breastfeeding, and "Vegas Vic;" a name that Michelle used to refer to her husband who fancied himself a good gambler; and here's the kicker, they published ALL 3. 

As per "The Urban Dictionary"
1. slendiferous
fan-freaking-tastic, best of the best, splendid and proliferous, amazing, top of the heap.

How was he in bed? "SLENDIFEROUS!"

fabulous amazing super duper wow splendid

by Queen of Everything AZ Aug 10, 2010

6. breastaurant
Referring to a breastfeeding mom who is open 24/7.

Look at poor Karen. With two babies right in a row she's nothing more than a breastaurant.

breastfeeding nursing nipples boobs breasts babies

by Queen of Everything AZ Aug 10, 2010

And don't forget, not only can you feel confident using both of these words now; but you can also buy t-shirts, magnets, mugs and mouse pads with these words emblazoned  on them.

As for the definition of  "Vegas Vic" that one may just be a lil too racy for "TBR,"  so I'm not going to share it here; but if you're REALLY curious, you now know where to find it...

Who would have thought that one birthday well wish would have led to 3 blog posts AND definition publication in "The Urban Dictionary?"  What a great conclusion for this slendiferous saga.
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Michelle said...

We need to make up some words! Think of some!! LOL!!!! I appreciate the omission....if ya know what I mean!

Joni Parker said... really are the Queen of Everything!! I've never heard of Urban Dictionary (or Bountiful Baskets) before you. are making my life incredibly more hip and rich by virtue of your blog posts! Sounds like I need to meet Michelle too... you guys sound like a real hoot!