Sunday, August 29, 2010

(43-33) Art Imitates Life

My Beautiful, friend Dawn celebrated her birthday this past Wednesday when she was in Las Vegas; and because she is so beloved, she was the recipient of 2 GORGEOUS floral arrangements.  Since Dawn couldn't take the flowers on the plane with her, she offered the flowers to me.  Well who could turn down such a generous offer?  We gratefully accepted the flowers and Luis MacGyvered a setup for the vases using our minivan seat belts; and the arrangements made it to our home unscathed. 

While we were away, my friend Lori sent me a text to let me know that our local radio station MIX 96.9 is having a kid's fridge art contest and the prize is $1000.  When I got home I told Lyndzi and she immediately got to work.  Lyndzi made several drawings last night; but today she decided to try something different.

I'm very thankful that Dawn shared her splendid flowers with me and that I can now share them with you.  I'm also extremely gratified that Dawn's lovely, flowers served as such an inspiration for Lyndzi; and that I'm able to display her work of art here for you as well as in the Mix 96.9 contest; in the 8-10 year old category.
Till next time...


Joni Parker said...

Wow....gorgeous. LOVE that artwork..... I noticed that the date says 9.29? Just thought I'd mention that in case it makes a diff for her contest! Good Luck!!!

RHAHN said...

Tell Lyndzi the picture is beautiful! Dare I say borderline "Masterpiece"! I was till coloring between the lines in a coloring book at her age - How awesome!