Friday, August 27, 2010

(43-31) FIRSTS

I'd say "Guess where I am," but I think it's farely safe to say that you've already figured that out.  The BIG news about me being in Las Vegas, is that Luis and I are here WITHOUT our kids and this is the FIRST time that we've ever gone away overnight without them.  Talk about making changes.  Thanks to our AMAZING friend Tina, Luis and I left for Vegas after dropping the kids at school this morning and within 5 hours we arrived at the Rio.  Now we're only going to be here for one night; but we've been having a FANTASTIC time.
We came to Vegas because my friends Dawn and Michael were going to be here for a few days (they live in Connecticut;) and I REALLY wanted to meet Dawn in person.  OK, that probably sounded peculiar; so let me explain.

My senior year of high school, I became friends with Michael, who was a friend of a friend; and went to a different high school then I did.  Michael and I lost touch during college but reconnected on Facebook and in 2009 when I was starting up my Oscar pool for the year, Michael mentioned that he thought that his wife might be interested in participating.  I sent her a friend request, and the rest has been history.  Dawnie and I hit it off famously and found that we had an extraordinary amount in common.  Dawn is an absolute delight and she has become a very good friend of mine.  Dawn is someone that I've come to count on for love, support and advice; and truth be told I actually talk to her a lot more often that I talk to Michael; although I adore him as well.  Dawn is intelligent, and funny, forthright, and insightful; and she doesn't just tell you what you want to hear; which I truly respect.  Now ironically enough, Dawn's family lives in Arizona, but she hasn't been there to visit since we've become friends; so when she asked me to meet her in Vegas, I JUMPED at the chance.  With only 5 hours between us, there was no way that I could have her be in such close proximity and NOT meet her.
Asking Luis if he wanted to go to Vegas was like asking Imelda Marcos if she wanted a pair of shoes.  He was totally on board for a little getaway, and we had planned to bring the kids, but since Vegas isn't a pet friendly town (unless your Paris Hilton,) we were going to have to find someone to watch Hershey.
Coincidental as it is Michelle M is also in Vegas now too, so we couldn't ask her to watch Hersh; but thankfully I remembered that Tina had volunteered to watch Hershey, the last time that we were thinking about coming to Las Vegas; so I thought, "well MAYBE Tina could watch Hershey AND the kids;" and sure enough when I asked her, she said "DEFINITELY." 

I knew that the kids would be happy to stay with Tina because she has always been so kind to them.  Tina makes sure that she comes to at least one of each of their soccer games a season, and at least one swim meet.  If you are fortunate enough to have Tina for a friend, she doesn't just befriend you; but your whole family; and everyone is all the better for it.  Tina has away of making everyone feel important, loved and special.  She is an exemplary mom and has perfected the art of being a good friend.  This morning I texted Tina and I said that I didn't know how to thank her enough for watching the kids; and that I just might have to express my thanks in my blog.  Tina replied that she didn't think she made great blog material; but I told her to leave that to me, and the truth is that I could sing her praises all day (and night,) but alas, Vegas awaits. 
Meeting Dawn and seeing Michael again has exceeded my expectations.  The four of us have been having the BEST time; and it is so hard to believe that most of us are just meeting for the first time.
I'll have to tell you more about my trip tomorrow; because we only have a little over 12 hours left and there's a lot more fun to be had.
Till next time...

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Joni Parker said...

YEA!!!! Friends & old!! Have fun!!