Friday, September 10, 2010


Tonight's post SCREAMS "Greater Good!"  My wonderful friend Rachel K, is visiting us for the weekend; and as if enjoying her company wasn't enough; tonight she introduced me to  and I am so excited to share what I've learned with you.
Admittedly, I am NOT the Queen of TECH BARGAINS; and it's fair to say that I'm not always Jenny on the spot when it comes to being in the know; so if you've heard of or used before, perhaps you can comment and let us know about your experience.  is a website that will sell you gift certificates for participating restaurants at EXTREMELY reduced prices.  They are currently having an 80% off sale, so you can purchase a $25 gift certificate for JUST $2.00  (A more regular price may be $10 for a $25 gift certificate; which is STILL a good deal in my book.)  Now this is a little confusing to explain and in my inimitable style I may just make matters worse; but I'm going to try and make this as clear as possible because this opportunity truly is TOO good to pass up.

So, you buy the gift certificate (and you pay far less for the certificate than its actual value.)  You DON'T need to buy a gift certificate for a PARTICULAR restaurant now (unless you want to.)  You can just pay for your gift certificate(s), and will provide you with code(s) (which won't expire) so that you can use then when you know which restaurant you want to dine at.  Once you have chosen a restaurant and enter your code, you will then be able to print out the actual RESTAURANT gift certificate.
It should be noted that the restaurant will require you to make MORE of a purchase than the value of the gift certificate; but each restaurant will list their criteria for using the certificate on the website.  For example, The restaurant may allow you to use a $25 gift certificate on a purchase of $35 or more.  So if your bill is $35 and you use the $25 gift certificate, REALLY you've only paid $12 for the meal.  $2 that you had paid for the gift certificate and $10 for the difference in price on the bill.
Tonight Rachel used a $50 gift certificate for which she had ONLY paid $4.  The restaurant stipulated that the $50 gift certificate could only be used on a bill of $100 or more.  So, if our bill was $100; Rachel paid only $54 ~ now how can you beat that??
I would recommend reading each restaurant's details carefully, before using your gift certificate to purchase the RESTAURANT gift certificate; this way you'll know if the restaurant will automatically include the gratuity and if so at what percentage. Tonight we ate at Rock Bottom Brewery and although the website advised that 18% gratuity would be included in our bill; we found that no gratuity had been included.  Had we not checked our bill to make sure that the gratuity had been included, we wouldn't have left a tip and that would have been a shame; since we had an exemplary waitress.

Trust me when I tell you that I haven't been going to many restaurants lately and that I'm well aware of how bad the economy is; but this is EXACTLY why I'm telling you about
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Joni Parker said...

I know about this site...but I'm very skeptical to buy. The old "too good to be true" keeps ringing in my brains. I need to read this again to be sure I understand or talk to you about it next week!! I have a co-worker that uses this too!