Friday, September 24, 2010

(43-59) Mistaken Identity

Tonight's topic was chosen from Mari's "Thoughts and Memories" jar.  The question was "What are your most embarrassing moments?"  Now being that I AM the Queen of MISHAPS; you'd have to imagine that I've had SEVERAL embarrassing moments; and you'd be right.  I alluded to my MOST embarrassing moment when I wrote "A Cure for the Hiccups;" although I wasn't able to share the exact incident given it's provocative nature.  And as I have had many embarrassing moments and am bound to have several more; tonight I'll share the most recent one; which occurred a couple of months ago.

Kelsie and I were standing on line at Subway, and a woman walked in, and she who looked very familiar to me.  The woman got on line behind me and we both said "Hi;" which confirmed to me that I knew the woman.  Kelsie then asked me who she was, and I quietly, said "She's the mom of a girl in Nicky's class."  Kelsie then went on to ask "which girl?"  I told Kelsie that she didn't know the girl (mostly because I couldn't think of her name; but also because I knew that Kelsie DIDN'T know the girl;) but being Kelsie; she persisted.  Kelsie continued to ask me "Which girl?  Which girl?"   And finally I raised my voice a bit and said emphatically, "Kelsie, she is the mom of a girl in Nicky's class and YOU don't know the girl!!"  And the mom awkwardly, replied "Um, I'm Carlos' mom from soccer."  OMG!  I was SO embarrassed.  I am usually so good about remembering people; and clearly this was a case of mistaken identity.
In my defense, soccer had been over for months and Carlos had been on Lyndzi's team 2 seasons ago; but I'd just seen and spoken to the mom of the girl in Nicky's class, a few weeks prior on a field trip.  I apologized profusely and she couldn't have been nicer about it; but of course, I was EXTREMELY embarrassed.
So a couple of weeks ago I happened to get a call from Carlos' much older brother, and he was asking about soccer registration.  I told him when it was and he said that he'd see me there; but instead of the brother, it was Carlos' mom who came to sign him up.  I greeted her and assured her that I knew exactly who she was this time; and she laughed good naturedly.
Now of course I know that nobody's perfect, and that we all make mistakes, and that stuff happens;  it's just a lil uncomfortable when we do it right to someones face and yours turns bright red.
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

hehehehe....I think that has happened to all of us!! CUTE story! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Joni Parker said...

I'm terrible with names/ I totally understand this one!! Your name is Hope right??!!!