Saturday, September 4, 2010

(43-39) It PAYS To Play with USA!

This will be the fifth year that Nicky and Lyndzi will play soccer with  the USA soccer league and the fourth year for Kelsie.  We've tried playing other sports with other local leagues and I have to say that NONE of the other leagues that WE'VE tried compare.
As I was / am so impressed with USA soccer; I joined the board 3 years ago, because they were / are looking for volunteers.  It's very sad to say that in the 5 years that we've been with USA our enrollment has been on a steady decline; but I attribute this to the economy and the fact that USA ONLY does soccer whereas these other leagues offer other sports.  HOWEVER, with USA soccer, you definitely get the most bang for your buck. USA's soccer season is longer than any of its local competitors.  Our registration fee is only $80 for your first child and $75 for your additional children; and includes, a jersey, shorts, socks and a trophy.  All you'll only need to supply is shin guards, cleats and a ball.  We have extremely dedicated coaches and all levels of players; and we WELCOME new players NO MATTER which age division they'll be joining.

In our quest to recruit new players we have decided to offer a $10 referral refund to a player who refers a new player.  You can EVEN be a new player yourself; and refer someone to sign up along with you, and we'll refund you $10!!  But wait; there's more... There is NO LIMIT to how many people you can refer; so for someone like me who loves a challenge AND and saving money; if I can recruit 8 new players, Nicky would play for free and YOU you can do the same!!  Now don't get me wrong; the purpose of this blog is not for my own personal gain; but to help increase our participation. I don't want my kids to have to play somewhere else because USA didn't have enough players; but unfortunately, that could become a reality.

I maintain that you have to stand up for what you believe in and do all that you can to contribute to things that are important to you.  My kids aren't the next David Beckam or Mia Hamm but they LOVE playing soccer and they truly like all of the coaches, kids and parents associated with USA.  Having played with other leagues, I can honestly say that USA soccer seems to attract THE NICEST people and we have made some really fabulous friends there; and we don't want to see it come to an end.

So with all of this being said; if you or anyone you know has a child who's interested in playing recreational soccer in the Phoenix area, please check out USA Soccer.  You can register online, or in person at Pioneer elementary (registration times and location are listed on the website.)
If you have referred a friend please email our Director, Mike Felix with  the name and division of your player and the name and division of the player that you referred.  You can also let him know that you heard about the discount on "The Bumpy Ride."  Once the new player's registration has been completed, Mike will process your refund.

Now for those of you who may be disappointed in this "Bumpy Ride," please keep in mind that first and foremost, I'm a mom and there is nothing more important to me than my kids.  So even if soccer is a snooze to you, or you don't have kids or your not in the Phoenix area; just think of this as a post by a mom who is trying desperately to help make her kids soccer league the best it can be.  I'm someone who doesn't just complain about a problem I try to fix it because (say it with me) "It's all about the GREATER GOOD!"
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Joni Parker said...

Joseph has played soccer before, but on a more recreational level..but he's pretty athletic so I'll see if he maybe wants to try it again. But for this fall, we have baseball & basketball so not sure we can fit another activity in. Good to know a good organization though, in case we do want to try soccer again! Good Luck..!!!