Wednesday, September 1, 2010

(43-36) To Do...

Tonight's blog is courtesy of Mari's "Memories and Thoughts" jar; which I told you about in my post, "There's Something About Mari."  Before I disclose the topic; I have to say that this jar is even more fantastic than I could have imagined.  Not only does the jar contain fun writing prompts, like the one that  provided the inspiration for last weeks "Fruits" blog; but it also contains thought provoking cues that cover all genres.  I know that Mari put so much effort into finding all of these suggestions for me, printing and cutting up all of the prompts and then decorating the jar and again I just have to give her a big THANK YOU!!

As I did last week; I read through a few of the choices until I found the one that felt right for tonight.  So with out further ado; I will "List 10 things that I want to accomplish before it's too late."  Now some of these are no brainers and if you've ever read "The Bumpy Ride" before, you might even say they were givens; and if you're new to THE RIDE; then I welcome you to get to know me.  What I found really fascinating about this topic, was that I truly had to contemplate what (besides for the givens) I want to accomplish.   I couldn't just ramble off a list of 10 things that I wanted to do; I REALLY had to give it a great deal of consideration - but I found that what lies at the base of most of my dreams; is MY FAMILY; and what I want for them.

First and probably foremost; I NEED to lose 100lbs.  I'm not in poor health; by any means but I want to make sure that I keep it that way.  I want to be fit and sound, so that I will live well past my 43rd year.

Secondly, I'd like to learn to speak fluent Spanish.  I took Spanish for 2 years in junior high and 3 years in high school; and once I started travelling to Mexico, I found that I had retained a lot of what I'd learned and I tried to speak Spanish to everyone and anyone.  However, when I met Luis, he spoke such good English that I felt embarrassed to speak Spanish to him; and I missed the opportunity to perfect my fluency.  When Luis first moved to the states we agreed that we were each going to learn 5 new words a day; me in Spanish and him in English.  I wrote down my 5 words, which were basically things I needed to refresh - inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs etc.  Luis couldn't think of any words that he needed to learn, so I handed him a Pennysaver (a free, local magazine with job listings, home rentals and advertisements etc.) and the only words that Luis didn't know the meaning of were drapes and swag.  I explained what they were and informed him that very few heterosexual men knew these words and thus ended the 5 words a day plan.

Third; I want to spend more FUN time with Luis and our kids.  One thing I know for sure is that time FLIES.  Nicky's already a tween and the older they get the more they have other things on their minds; so I want to spend as much time as possible with them; while they still want to be with us.

Fourth, and not necessarily FOURTH; I want to be a professional writer!!  Shocker, I know; I mean isn't that why we're all here?  Not here, as in on earth obviously, but here at "The Bumpy Ride?"

Fifth - I want to take my family back to New York so they can see where I'm from.  Luis lived in New York with me for a few months before we moved to Florida, but the kids have never been there and I think that it would be really nice for them to visit.  Perhaps if I can fulfill #4; #5 will follow.

Sixth -  While we're in travelling mode; I want to take my family to Disney World.  I am a TOTAL Disney fanatic and though Disneyland serves as a quick Disney fix for me; in my opinion (and those on the West coast will adamantly disagree;) Disney World is the ultimate Disney vacation.  From the resorts to the parks EVERYTHING at Disney World is just bigger, better and more magical and that's exactly what I want my family to experience.

Seventh (although it probably needs to occur before #'s 5 and 6) I want to earn more money.  It would be ideal if I could do this by accomplishing #4; but as much as I believe in myself; I need to have a back up plan. We all know that money can't buy you love and when it comes to love I am one of the richest women in the world (thank you God;) but money does help buy a lot of the other things on this list; so I need to be practical.

# Eight - I want our family to spend more time with Luis' Mom and Dad.
Luis comes from a very close knit family.  He is one of 6 children; his dad is the oldest of 13 and his mom is one of 10.  Family is THE MOST important thing to Luis and he magnanimously sacrificed being with his, in order so that he could move to the states to be with me.
The main reason that Luis and I moved to Arizona was so that we could get home to Puerto Vallarta more often; but sadly we only make it once ever year to year and a half, and his parents have not been able to visit us in the states since Kelsie was born almost 7 years ago.  As I know first hand that you never truly know how much time you have on this earth; it is PARAMOUNT that we spend more time with the only grandparents that my kids have and that Luis be with with his parents AND siblings more often.  Ahh, I guess I really need to get working on #'s 1, 4 and 7.

Ninth, Once I'm done spending the money (that I have yet to earn) on the travelling that I want to do; I want to save for retirement.  I have a 401K so that's a start, but if I don't start putting money aside soon; I'll be working as a greeter at Wal-Mart till I'm 100.

Last but definitely not least, I want to dance the Samba with Maksim Chmerkovskiy on "Dancing With the Stars;" which I've mentioned before in my blog "My Guilty Pleasure;" but I'm pretty sure that I will need to accomplish #1 and #4 before I could ever have such an opportunity.  Oh a girl can dream...
Although this post was not pre-conceived in any way;  it really got me thinking and of course in the interest of (say it with me) "The Greater Good;" I hope that it got you thinking about making and fulfilling your own TO DO list as well.
Till next time...


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I am loving your list! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Joni Parker said...

Thanks for the smiles &'re right, some were obvious, but others were quite intriguing....and I love the stories with each...!!