Friday, March 4, 2011

(43-220) Who, When, and Where Planning...

It's Friday, and once again the SMF's and the wives / kids; are going their separate ways.  This isn't an EVERY Friday night occurrence; but the SMF's do like to have their testosterone, movie nights  and the wives/kids often try to get together when they do so.

I know for sure that David and Mike K, will be joining Luis tonight; so Jenny and I were going to try and make some plans as well.  Jenny called me a little earlier to see if the guys had solidified their plans; but at that point none of them had even spoken to each other.  Then Jenny asked me what I was blogging about today; and when I gave my customary "I'm not sure response;" she suggested that I write a kinda "Who's on First" spin to how our husband's make their plans to go out.  I laughed and remarked that I thought it should be more of a "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" type of treatment; because their is such a significant difference in the way that men and women (at least those in our circle of friends,) make plans.

I thought that this was a clever idea; but wanted to be VERY careful not to write anything that would offend the men.  And, before proceeding, I will certainly concede that the way in which Luis and his friends make plans, is probably not typical of other men.  No, other men may be decisive, other men may be aware that when making plans all you really need to know is who's going, where you're going and when you're going.  This isn't always the case for the SMF's.  Usually the whole ball gets rolling because one wife has said to another, "My husband was thinking about going to the movies and was going to call your husband."  THEN, one of those wives will share this information with said husband and ultimately, a preliminary call will take place; where the following is said  "Would you like to go to the movies on Friday?"  The SMF that was the recipient of the call would respond "yes," and then there would be an agreement that one or both of them would call the other guys and then they would all talk again the next day.  Now just for giggles and grins I'll mention that this is regularly only a three to four man operation; but I digress.  So like I mentioned the other day, in my "Holy Shin Guard" post; I always prefer to get in, get out, quit messing about it.  So when the ladies make plans, we always get the who, what, where and when accomplished as quickly as possible.  For instance, Jenny and I might decide that we are going to go to Del Taco and then the park. We would then ask other friends if they'd like to join us; with the unspoken, understanding that they could suggest an alternate plan.  I have to laugh though, because it should be SO easy for the guys to make their arrangements since they ALWAYS do the same thing; they just haven't mastered how to talk to each other about it.

With all that being said; Luis and the SMF's are now enjoying their Ass Burrito, before heading to some guy movie; and Jenny, the kids and I are off to Culver's and the park.  In the long run; I would have to admit that the only thing that really matters is that everyone enjoys their evenings to the fullest; no matter how the plans were made.
Till next time...

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