Thursday, March 10, 2011

(43-226) Walk The Walk

Continuity, Continuity, Continuity!!!  When I wrote "Pennies In MY Pocket,"  I told you that I loved it when I could relate one blog to another; and with today's post, I've hit the motherload.  First and foremost; if you've never read "The Bumpy Ride" before; you need to know that I am someone who really tries to practice what I preach.  I talk the talk AND I walk the walk.

When I posted " Brave Girls Club,"  I told you about "daily truth" emails that I'd been receiving and how I found them to be encouraging and uplifting. And today, I truly was a BRAVE girl.  I was a COURAGEOUS girl, and a DETERMINED girl; and I went after something that I really wanted.

During "Luis' DJ Debut," I told you that my boss had recently started a reunion coordinating business; that I didn't know much about.  BUT, when I sat with the ladies that I wrote about in "He's Got The Beat;"  I listened to my boss while he talked to them; and  I learned a little more.

So, this morning, I got to sleep in a little later than I typically do; and the extra rest must have REALLY done me some good; because while I was getting ready to go to my office, I had this wonderful idea for a children's book about self-esteem.  I mentioned it to Lyndzi and asked if she'd be interested in doing the illustrations and she happily agreed.  I was feeling very pleased with myself; because I felt like THIS book idea was something that I could do well.  Then all of a sudden I got another idea.  If I'd been in a cartoon, I would have been hit by a lightning bolt, because this idea seemed to come from out of nowhere and immediately, I knew that it was something that I HAD to do.

I set about my morning routine once I got to my office; and when I got to a point where I could take a break, I went to see the owner of my company.  I asked if I could talk to him, and I shut the door.  I told him that I was very interested in working for his reunion coordinating company, and I said that I thought I would be a real asset.  I went on to explain that I had experience with event planning and groups, that I knew how to negotiate contracts, and that I was good at sales.  I told him that I knew my music, and that I had an instant rapport with the reunion clients that were at the DJ showcase the other night; and before I could even advise him that I am the Queen of PLANNING, (as I'd told you in "Making Plans;") my boss said; "I think you'd be AMAZING!."  He said that he thought that I'd be perfect for the job and I reminded him that I was available because I was only working 32 hours a week. My boss was intrigued by my proposal; and he told me that he was so glad that I wanted to work with the reunions, because he knew what a great job I would do. He asked me to give him some time to try and work it out; and I left his office feeling overwhelmingly optimistic.

Later this afternoon; my boss called me into his office.  He told me that he'd spoken with the CFO and that I was going to work for the reunion company the 8 hours that I was free and another ten, out of my 32 and I was delighted.  I thanked him profusely, and told him that I was so excited for this new opportunity; and I think I floated out of his office.

I was SO proud myself.  I was fearless. I believed in myself and I advocated for myself.  Then, when all was said and done, I'd gotten even more than I'd dared to hope for.  I practiced exactly what I've been preaching on "The Bumpy Ride."  I was confident, I was assertive, I was positive and I was not afraid of "The Dirty Word."  YAY Me!!

When I shared the news with Rachel K, I let her know that a conversation that we'd had yesterday, inspired me to have faith in myself and my ability; and drove me to speak with my boss; once i'd thought about doing so.  Yay Rachel!  Thank you again!!

Maybe my cousin, Jackie is right.  Maybe being "43" is not meant to be something that I fear; but instead, it just may be the year of new beginnings for me.  After all, during the 226 days that I've been 43, I've discovered family that I hadn't known; and now I've got a new job, that I know I'm going to love and be successful at.  43 just may turn out to be one of my best years ever.  As a matter of fact, it would give me the greatest satisfaction for post (43-365) to be titled "THE BEST YEAR EVER!"  It's feeling extremely, possible to me.
Till next time...

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Bernice said...

Fantastic news. I hope you really enjoy your new job. And keep us posted about the self-esteem book.