Friday, March 25, 2011

(43-241) The Best Week Of "American Idol" EVER!

In my opinion, this has been the best week of "American Idol," EVER!   If you didn't have the pleasure of seeing it, let me tell you that you missed two extraordinary nights of entertainment.   Even if you've never watched an episode of "Idol" before, or you lost interest by season four; I highly recommend that you give "Idol" a(nother) chance, because this season is a whole new ball game.

When I wrote "Half Way There," I mentioned how much I loved the chemistry between Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler.  But I have to say that it's not JUST their rapport that makes this season of "Idol" superior.  It's also how they share their expertise in a straight forward, yet kind manner; which is a far cry from how Simon did it.   They don't demean and degrade the contestants under the guise of giving them constructive criticism.  You can tell that they sincerely care about the competitors and that they want to help them all further their careers.  At the same time, they make it very clear that it's a priority to provide the audience with phenomenal performances.

I can honestly say that what I liked best about "Idol" this week, were the surprises.   I was so moved when Steven Tyler went up onto the stage to give Jacob Lusk a hug and a kiss after his stellar rendition of my FAVORITE, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell song; "You're All I Need To Get By."   I'm just loving me some Steven Tyler; but I'll get to that a little later.

Although I think that James Durbin is a very talented vocalist, none of his previous performances had been amongst my favorites; which is why it was such a delicious treat to hear James sing ND dance, to Stevie Wonder's "Living For The City."  I''m providing the link for this one, so that you can watch James in action.  

Now speaking of Stevie Wonder.  In years gone by, we had to wait until the finale to see guest stars perform WITH the contestants.  But during Thursday night's results show, not only did Stevie Wonder sing with the top 11; but he also sang "Happy Birthday to Ya," as a special  surprise to Steven Tyler, while they presented him with a birthday cake, and lavished him with hugs.  As soon as Stevie emerged on the stage, it was apparent from the expression on all three judges faces, that his appearance was entirely unexpected; and thoroughly appreciated.  It was a touching, encounter in every which way; and it made me feel good to watch it.

While on the subjects of the results show and feeling good; I have to mention the laugh that I got from Skeletor's, I mean Marc Anthony's, utter arrogance and obliviousness.  Now if by some chance you don't know - Marc Anthony is a singer, and he's got the good fortune to be married to Jennifer Lopez.  Well, on the results show they aired a segment in which they explained that Marc Anthony had been asked to work with the contestants, as many of them had been having problems with their pitch during the performance shows.   In his defense, I will absolutely admit, that it appeared as though his assistance was very valuable; BUT what I found so amusing was the way that he made it seem like he was the ONLY person who could help them; because he was such a BIG star.  If Roseanne Roseannadanna would have been watching, I think she would have said something like "So I said hey, Marc Anthony; get a clue!   The only reason that "American Idol" asked YOU to come to help  was because you're J-Lo's husband; and you were available.  Do you REALLY think that if Jennifer wasn't on the show, that the producers would be like, HEY, we know who to call;  we need Marc Anthony, because only HE can solve the contestants pitch problems.  Come on Marc, you're making me sick!"   But sick from laughing.  I really do enjoy some of his songs; I just prefer to listen to them with my eyes closed.

I could go on and on.  You KNOW I could.  About anything really;  BUT, truly about all of the great moments from this weeks "A I."  I'm a big (yes) HUGE Motown fan; so this week's theme made me very happy.   I was grooving to the beat and singing right along, when I heard "Heatwave," "Signed, Sealed, delivered," and  "You Really Got A Hold On me."  The songs, coupled with all of the surprises that I've mentioned, made for an awesome week of "Idol;" but one of the BEST moments ever, was when the judges had Ryan stop Casey Abrams from singing for his life; because they didn't need to hear the whole song to know that he deserved to be saved.  Casey was undeniably astonished when the judges decided not to send him home, despite America's vote.  They told him that they knew how talented he was and that they thought that he warranted another chance; however, they cautioned him to be careful of what Steven Tyler called his "crazy ass ego."  

How do I love Steven Tyler?  Let me count the ways...
I love his balls to the wall attitude, I love his energy, I love his candor, I love his compassion, I love his wit, I love his originality, I love his swagger, I love his expressions, I love his wardrobe, and most of all, I LOVE that he is a judge on "American Idol."  It is obvious that all of the contestants just adore, respect and admire him; and that the audience feels the same.  I'm so glad that Steven Tyler is giving America the opportunity to get to know him;  because I think that he brings out the best in EVERYONE.  Happy birthday Mr. Tyler!!
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loved the episodes this week too.. MINUS them keeping Casey.. I am disappointed in that decision... I don't like Casey, I think he is a class clown, I think he TOTALLY butchered Nirvana's Teen Spirit...and I was hoping that he was GONE! But ugh... the judges saved him... hopefully that means that next week when they have to boot 2 peeps... Casey will be the one to leave for real this time! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)