Saturday, March 12, 2011

(43-228) Neon BINGO

As much as I love to volunteer; due to time constraints, I don't participate in the PTSO at my kids school; other than assisting at the annual carnival, or attending their activities.  Well this year, we have somewhat of a new board; and I have to tell you that they've proven to be extremely creative and they've provided our students with a very diverse activity schedule that's I've been incredibly, impressed with.

A couple of months ago they offered Wii bowling on a Friday night; and even though we have a Wii and we have the bowling game; my kids still wanted to attend, because of the way that the PTSO had organized it.  They told the kids to get a team of four, or they'd be placed on a team when they arrived.  They charged $2 admission, and they had 4 Wii's set up, and they ran a bowling competition.  They sold reasonably priced drinks and snacks; and the kids had a great time.  From a fundraising standpoint, I thought this was a great idea, because there was virtually no cost for them to put on this activity.

Last night, they offered "Neon BINGO" in our library.  For one dollar you got a BINGO card and an individual candy of your choice, to use as markers.  You could choose from M&M's, Starburst or A variety of Skittles. They had thin vases, that contained a neon glow stick and 4 balloons on sticks, on each table; in addition to some other home meade decorations.   Again, from a fundraising standpoint, their expense was minimal, as most of the items could be purchased at the .99 store.  They had six  different types of BINGO games and they awarded prizes of your choice to the first three winners per game.  They sold drinks and snacks for .50 to $1.00 and they sold neon crappola too.

At first I thought that only my girls would play; but into the second game I realized that there was no reason for me not to play; so I bought myself a card with M&M markers.  I opened my candy, and caught up on my card, and then I remarked to the girls that Starburst probably wouldn't have been a good choice for a marker as they might stick to the card.  Kelsie then kindly said "Mommy, you're supposed to keep them in the wrapper."  OMG, HOW EMBARRASSING; my seven year old apparently has MORE common sense than I do.  I just had to laugh.

As if that little faux pas wasn't enough, I went on to further humiliate myself, when during the round they called "B&O Railroad," I yelled out "BINGO," after getting a BINGO on the "O" line.  Kelsie then leaned over and informed me that this was "B AND O BINGO," and I needed to get BINGO on BOTH The "B" AND the "O" lines in order to have BINGO in this round.  What could I say but "my bad; sorry."  And then we resumed our game.  In my defense, I must admit that I was not paying complete attention because I was writing out a congratulations card for Michelle M, who I was going to have dinner with right after BINGO.

Luis and Nicky joined us just as we were about to conclude the "B&O" round; and I left to go out with Michelle.  As I was leaving I made sure to tell the PTSO President what a good idea I thought Neon BINGO was.  I may not have won while I was there; but it was a winning evening for sure.
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How FUN! I loveeeeeeeeeeee BINGO! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)