Sunday, March 27, 2011

(43-243) A Reason To Smile

If you read "Name The DJ..."then you probably know that I've been experiencing some technical difficulties.  This should come as no surprise really, since we all know that I am NOT the Queen of TECHNOLOGY; however, I can't take all the blame on this one.

When I first tried to include Luis' 80's mix in my post, I attached it via a link that he created, by publishing the mix on Youtube.  Everything seemed to have worked smoothly, by the time that I published my blog; but when I checked it last night, I found that the video was not available.  That darn Prince, is all I can say.  I didn't really understand why Luis couldn't put his mix on Youtube, when everyone else and there mother does.  Luis wasn't clear on this either, but speculated that it had something to do with the fact the he used "Little Red Corvette," and Prince watchdog's his material constantly.

Extremely disappointed over this new development, I wrote a temporary advisement to add to the blog; so that people who were just seeing it, would know that the mix was unavailable.  I did say that if you really wanted to hear it (and I hope that you do;) you could email me and I'd send it to you.  This still holds true.

Well this morning I managed to upload the mix as a video, and once again at the time that I published the blog, the music was available; but this is no longer the case - AAGGGHHH!

Anyway, despite this little pitfall, I managed to have a lovely day with my kids.  My girl's in particular.  We went in pursuit of new shoes for Kelsie, and while in the area; we ran into Michaels.  We were looking around, and Kelsie caught eye of a hat that looked like a bee.  She tried it on and it was darling.  She then tried on a monkey and a pig; but it was this last little number that we knew she HAD to have.   Kelsie was willing to spend her own money to purchase this charming cap; and I encouraged her to do so, because I thought that it would make people smile, to see her wearing it.  Honestly, I don't know how you can look at her in this hat and NOT smile.
Kelsie loved the idea of causing people to grin; and she wore her hat proudly. 
Right after she paid, I asked the cashier of they still honor competitor's coupons, because i'd just realized that I had one for Jo-ann; and the cashier said that they did.  Had Kels not paid with a gift card, I would have asked the girl to refund her and start over.  But since I didn't want to make things too complicated, I told Kelsie that she could choose another hat and I'd use the coupon to buy it for her.  Don't try to understand that logic.  It made sense to me at the time, because I felt badly that Kels could have spent less of her own money had i thought to pull out the coupon.  Just call me sucker.  Kels ran back to the hat display and before we could blink she was back with the piggy hat.  Both Lyndzi and I questioned her choice; but she said that she really liked the piggy and we were not going to try and change her mind.

Now while we were in Michael's Lyndzi found some clay that she was interested in purchasing; but I reminded her that she had a Targt gift card and some money left on a Joanne's gift card too.  I suggested that if she waited, to get the clay, she wouldn't have to spend any of her own money.  Lyndzi agreed and we walked over to Target.  Lyndzi found a whole clay kit for just $4.99 and as soon as we got home, she started sculpting herself as a little figurine.  I was astonished.  She then made Nicky, Hershey and a frisbee.  I proposed that she and Nicky get together and make a video with her figures; and they did.  But of course, since I've raved about how much I love continuity, life's handing me a big helping of it right now, because I can't download that video for you either.

I'm going to work on getting all of these lil technical snafus resolved; so that you can enjoy the clay video, the 80's mix and the 90's mix as well.  In the meantime, I'll share another pic of Kels in her hat, because I always love to give you a reason to smile.  
Till next time...

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Sounds like a fun weekend