Sunday, March 20, 2011

(43-236) You Know You Have A Problem When...#10

You know you have a problem when you go from Kohl's to Kohl's to find a flawless     necklace, to exchange for the damaged one that you accidentally purchased.  It's been a while since I've shared one of my little compulsions with you; and this one my friends is a doozy.  Before I regale you with my ridiculous obsession; let me assure you that I INDEED know, that what I'm about to share with you is NOT normal; and yet for some unexplainable reason,  I have no hesitation about letting you know how far my dysfunction goes.

On several occasions I've mentioned how much I love Kohl's.  The reasons why are many; but just to name two, I think they have the best sales EVER, and their return policy can't be beat.  So, last Sunday I went to Kohl's to pay my bill.  Yes, I'm well aware that you can mail your payment or even pay online; but I always like to stop in to pay; ESPECIALLY when I've got a 30% off coupon at my disposal.  Before paying my bill, I went directly to the accessories area so that I could peruse the jewelry.  I didn't find anything that I HAD to have, until I wandered over to the Candies display, and there I found a number of stunning necklaces. 
I chose a silver, multi strand, with orange, coral, and pearl beads and a lace / tulle flower.  The necklace was  $24 on sale for $11.60 and I received an additional 30% off, so I purchased it for a mere $11.91 and I was delighted.

I decided to wear my new treasure that evening, but when I went to put it on, I found that one of the pearl beads was not perfectly round like it should be.  Instead it looked like an unpopped kernel of popcorn.  Although I hadn't noticed it before buying it; and others probably wouldn't see it either; I still wanted to exchange it for one that was in better condition.

When I need to make an exchange or return, I like to take care of it promptly because it just kinda niggles at me knowing that I have something to resolve.  And yes, I'm well aware that this is definitely the first part of this problem.  Anyway, I didn't want to exchange the necklace at the location where I'd purchased it, because I knew that they only had two others and they were kinda tangled up; so Kelsie and I went to a Kohl's that was a little further away from our home.  Interestingly enough, this Kohl's also had 2 of my necklace; but neither looked as nice as the one that I was going to exchange.   I know that sounds nutty; but neither was as shiny as the one that I purchased and I decided that my defective necklace was still better than the alternatives; so I kept mine.  Because Kelsie knows me so well; this didn't seem to phase her.  I told her that I'd go to another Kohl's the next day, but she suggested that we go back to the one where I'd originally bought mine, because she wanted to spend a little more time with me.  How could I resist?
We went to our second Kohl's of the evening.  They still had the two necklaces, and they weren't tangled up anymore; but one was dull, just like the first of this night's stores; and the other's flower wasn't nearly as nice as mine; so again I decided to pass.  I told Kelsie that there was a Kohl's not far from where we were going to camp on Thursday, so I could check that one over the weekend.

Last night I met Michelle M at Kohl's #3, in the hopes of exchanging my necklace.  This store also had TWO for sale, but one was broken; and the other's flower wasn't as nice.  I now dragged Michelle into my compulsion by showing her my necklace and comparing it to the one in the store.  Michelle said that she would keep mine because even though the bead was imperfect; my flower was much nicer and people would notice that before they would, my one faulty bead.  And so I returned home yet again with my original necklace.

Well as luck would have it; Kohl's emailed me a $10 coupon for any purchase of $10 or more; and of course it was only good through today; so my friend, Tina, Lyndzi, Kelsie and  I, went to yet another Kohl's.  This Kohl's also had two of my necklace for sale; and with some hesitation (I know, I know;) I finally exchanged my necklace for one of the ones that they had.  Whew!

The first step is admitting that you have a problem; and you certainly don't hear me denying it.  Sadly, my savings have probably gone out the window with all of the gas that I've used driving from Kohl's to Kohl's trying to find the PERFECT replacement for my new necklace; but what can I say...  This isn't the first time that my quest for perfection has gotten the better of me; and I have a feeling that it won't be the last.
Till next time...

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