Saturday, March 5, 2011

(43-221) Let The Good Times Roll!

If you've been joining me regularly, on "The Bumpy Ride;" then you know that after the roller skating fiasco I wrote about in "Do Over," I decided to make things right, and take my kids for roller skating lessons.  I posted "The Great Skate Do Over" following my kids first lesson; and today we returned to Great Skate for Lyndzi and Kelsie's third lesson and Nicky's second.

When I took the girls for their lesson last week, I was surprised by how much they seemed to have forgotten from the week before; but today they picked up right where they'd left off.  Nicky had missed last weeks lesson because he was volunteering at the St. Mary's food bank with Student Council; and although he needed to refresh himself  a bit; he was skating competently, in no time.

Sometimes; a picture really is worth a thousand words.  Unfortunately, the roller rink is not ideal for taking pictures and we didn't get any that I felt were worth sharing.  We didn't have any difficulty shooting video though.  So with that being said; I'll now share a video of each of my kids at Great Skate today.  Keep in mind that the first time they went skating, they could barely stand up on their skates. All of my kids are all still a little wobbly, and cautious to say the least; but they're getting into the grove, and regardless of their serious expressions, they've all assured me that they really enjoy skating and they were having a good time. I'm so proud of them all. 

Nicky and Jenny's son, Wyatt

Lyndzi and Jenny's daughter, Bailey

Kelsie and Jenny's daughter, Carly

Now just for amusement's sake; I've got a couple more for you to check out.
The first, is one that Luis called "This guy used to get laid."

The next is "Quintessential Kelsie."

I'm so thankful that my kids are so resilient and have risen to the challenge of learning to skate.  Let the good times roll!
Till next time...

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