Tuesday, March 8, 2011

(43-224) He's Got The Beat

Because I don't ever like to leave a story unfinished; tonight I want to tell you how things went at "Luis' DJ Debut."    First, I have to say that I think Luis and I make a great team.  Together, there is nothing that we can't do; and now we can add DJ-ing to the list.
Luis had asked me to help him with his play list; so I suggested some songs, and then he worked on how to mix them together.  By the time we left for his 8pm audition; we were both feeling very confident about his finished product; although we knew that he wasn't quite at the professional DJ level.

When we arrived at the bar, a number of my co-workers were there; along with my bosses and a few women who had already booked reunions.  They greeted Luis and told him that he was one of seven guys who were going to show their stuff; and they asked him what number he would like to be.  Luis asked to go fifth; and shortly thereafter, the first DJ started his show.

I sat with my boss and  two ladies who were going to have reunions in October; one for the class of 81' the other 2001;  and we all agreed that DJ #1 was not a reunion circuit DJ.  He played some hard core hip hop and at one point one of the ladies asked how you were supposed to dance to this, and I demonstrated the one arm sway.  I explained that I thought they needed the other arm free to lift their pants up from time to time; and they got real kick out of that.  I asked my boss if he'd brought his gong; and he thought that was really funny too.  After a few endless minutes the two ladies and I told my boss that we thought we'd heard enough; and DJ #1 turned over the mic.

DJ #2 was GOOD!  He totally looked the part; and he had some slammin mixes.  If I was Luis I would have been thoroughly intimidated; but as always; Luis remained cool, calm and collected.  #3 was another miss.  He  had skills, but his music selection was not appropriate and we found his mixes to be choppy.  #4 had more of what the 81' reunion gal was lookin for.  He had good mixes, and music that we all liked but the equipment was causing him some difficulty; though I'm not sure why.

In between DJ #3 and 4 My boss asked what Luis was going to be playing and when I told him; everyone at the table got very excited.  I explained to the ladies that Luis was an aspiring DJ and that  he'd only practiced on a computer program; BUT I thought that he had great potential.  I told the ladies to feel free to criticize Luis in front of me; and I also offered to leave the table during his turn; but they just laughed and asked me to stay.  They said that even if he didn't do as many mixes as the other guys; they liked the sound of his play list, A LOT.  (Pat on the back for me.)

Luis took his turn, but despite the fact that he had practiced on a program of the same name, this one was entirely different.  He played his songs, but had to forego mixes; and he was so intent on concentrating that he didn't say a word.  Luis knew that he wasn't able to put on the same type of show as the other DJ's but I assured him that he's got the beat.

This afternoon my co-worker called, to let me know that Luis received a number of high ratings because people really liked his song selection.  She said that my boss wants Luis to borrow the equipment and learn how to use it.  He also needs to make three, ten minute mixes.  One for the 80's, one for the 90's and one for the 00's (however you say that.)  Luis has already started working on these, so I know that DJ-ing was all that he had expected it to be and now he's just going to have to practice, practice, practice.

I told you earlier that I don't like to leave a story unfinished; so what would this post be, if I didn't share Luis' play list? ENJOY!!
"Raise Your Glass" - Pink
"Club Can't Handle Me" - Flo Rida ft. David Guetta
"When I Get You Alone" - Robin Thicke (Although I think the "GLEE" version is MUCH better!)
"I Like It" - Enrique Iglesias Ft. Pitbull
"The Time" - Black Eyed Peas
Till next time...

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