Friday, March 11, 2011

(43-227) Love Is In The Air

It's an absolutely, positively, beautiful day in Phoenix today.  The sun is shining; but not yet blistering.  There is a very slight breeze in the air; and we can walk around outside comfortably.  If these aren't signs that Spring break is about to begin; I don't know what is.

My kids and I have been counting down the days until Spring break; and when we arrived at school this morning, it was apparent that we were not the only ones.  The campus was buzzing; and everyone seemed energized with the promise that Spring break brings.  Who woulda thought that I would be as excited about having my kids at home for a week, as I was to be heading down to Daytona Beach, back in the day?  And yet, this is as good if not better!

I volunteered in Kelsie's class, and then met Mari for coffee, where I used my Starbuck's gift card that I'd gotten in my Christmas stocking ~ BONUS!  Mari and I sat and talked leisurely for about an hour and a half; and that was  nothing short of delightful.  I then went for my long, overdue pedicure, at Basic Elements.

I love going to Basic Elements, because I'm able to visit with my friend from swim team, Jenny K; while she does my pedicure.  When all was said and done, my feet looked human again, and my toes were a spectacular shade of green, with white polka dots ~ FUN!!  I wanted to share a picture of my toes with you; but Luis was so appalled by the idea, that I just couldn't go through with posting it.  I think his exact words were "oh great, the chopped up toe or the messed up toe;" and I just about died laughing.  Look it is, what it is.  If you've ever read "The Bumpy Ride " before then you know that my feet are NOT my best feature; but I don't let that stop me.  If you're new to "TBR" email me and I'll provide you with links for a number of posts that detail the various problems with my feet.  Anywho - I've got a sassy new pedicure, and I'm gonna show my toes off - just not on this blog.

But I digress... After my pedicure, I met Luis for lunch; and then picked up the kids from school.  It's now officially spring break ~ WOOHOO!!  
I talked with each of their kids about their day; and my nine year old, Lyndzi had some interesting news to share.   With a big ole smile on her face., Lyndzi told me that Hannah had asked (a boy I'll call) Luke who he liked; and Luke said "Don't tell (a boy I'll call) Tommy (who just happens to be his best friend;) but I like Lyndzi."  The reason that Luke didn't want anyone to tell Tommy, is because Tommy has openly admitted that he loves Lyndzi and plans to marry her.  In fact, his mom even told me that Tommy loves my daughter, and talks about her all of the time.  I knew that Lyndzi was pleased to hear that Luke liked her; because I had been suspecting that she liked him as well; which is REALLY interesting because a couple of months ago they had a lil run in.  Now I'm sad to say that Lyndzi herself, didn't tell me about this incident; I heard about it from her teacher.  One day after lunch, Lyndzi went to her teacher and told her that she thought she was being bullied.  her teacher asked what happened and she told him that Luke had come up to her and said "I wish that your name was Patty, so then I could say to you; Patty, Patty you're a fatty."   Her teacher spoke to Luke, and when he apologized to Lyndzi, she said "That's OK but don't do it again."  I was really proud to hear that she'd stood up for herself; though disappointed that I hadn't heard about this incident from her directly.  Anyway, a few weeks later, I started to hear that Luke wanted to sit next to her at lunch, and his name was being uttered more frequently in our home; so my mama's instinct kicked in.  Guess this proves that old adage about boys teasing and girls when they like them.

Fast forward to today... After Luke told Hannah AND Lyndzi, that he liked her; Hannah immediately spread the news to the other girls and then ya know what happened.  One of the lil girls ran over and shared the news with Tommy.  Lyndzi said that Tommy handled it well, but then at tech lab BOTH of the boys were trying to hug her.  Ahh, it's almost Spring, and thusly, love is in the air.  God help me!
Till next time...

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

thanks for the love on my blog today dearest...tonight's not much better than last night.. but hoping to get better soon! happy spring break! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)