Tuesday, March 15, 2011

(43-231) He's At It Again...

On many occasions, I've told you that my husband, Luis, finds things like you wouldn't believe.  In fact, I've previously mentioned SO MANY different things that he's found; that I can't even link you to all of the posts.
In case you've never read "The Bumpy Ride" before; or you're in need of a lil reminder... One time we were swimming in the ocean in San Diego and Luis found a wallet with $60 in it; IN THE OCEAN.  Another time, he found a BEAUTIFUL, vintage, diamond engagement ring, on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, using his metal detector.  He's found a camera,  a number of cell phones; and even a Blackberry or two, again; just to name a few.

So yesterday Luis called me and asked how we cash our Costco rewards check that we'd gotten from our Costco American Express card.  I told him that we present the check at the register, as a form of payment; or we could go to customer service and cash it in.  I questioned his reason for asking; and he told me that he'd found one of these checks in the parking lot at work.  I thought to myself; "he's at it again;" and then I asked the amount of the check.   Luis nonchalantly said $1,930.62  YES, you read that right; $1,930.62!  HOLY Crap!  I thought, "If I was this person, I'd be going out of my mind;" but then again if my rewards check was $1,930.62; that would probably just be a drop in the bucket for me.  I say this because my rewards check was $62.45 and I spent about $5000 (or thereabouts, last year;) so can you imagine who much this person spent in order to have such a large reward?

Being the people that we are; Luis and I wanted to try and help the person who lost their check.  We planned on bringing the check to our local Costco, to see if there was a way for them to contact their corporate office and ultimately contact the member; but we decided to try calling American Express first.

I explained to the customer service rep, that I was just calling to be a good Samaritan; because my husband had found someone else's rewards check and it was for a sizable amount.  The representative told me to shred the check because it wouldn't be possible to locate the member.  I suggested that their accounting department should have records of the reward check numbers and considering the amount of the check,  for the members sake it would help to document his account, stating that the check had been destroyed, so they could issue him another without any concern.  Again the  rep just told me to shred the check; and he thanked me for calling.  Oh well.  We tried.

Tearing up the check for $1,930.62 was so bittersweet; but alas it was not ours.  I sure hope that the individual doesn't have any difficulty obtaining a replacement check.    And how bout that Luis?  I mean who but him, would find such a thing?  He never ceases to amaze me.
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