Tuesday, March 22, 2011

(43-238) Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

In  "Walk The Walk," I told you that I'd asked my boss if I could take on some additional work hours with his new, reunion coordinating company; and I'm thrilled to tell you that I started my new job today, and I LOVED it! 

Although I typically work at home Monday through Wednesday; I went into my office today, so that I could meet with my boss and begin my new position.  Within minutes of arriving, my boss told me that he had something for me to do; but I informed him that I felt there was something that I needed to get done first.  I explained that I'd been acquainting myself with his website; and I'd found several typos, as well as many changes that needed to be made.  I asked it I could edit his website and he told me to have it.  I spent the better part of my day re-writing the text on the website; and you have to know that I was in my glory.

Once I completed the website; I met with my other boss to discuss the changes to my schedule.  I explained that I'd been volunteering in my daughter's classes on Friday mornings and that I'd like to continue doing so through the end of the school year.  I asked if it would be possible for me to work for only four hours on Fridays and make up the additional hours on other days; and my boss agreed.  I offered to submit a schedule proposal and he welcomed me to do so.  By the end of the day, both of my bosses had approved the exact schedule that I'd requested and I was extremely pleased with myself (and them.)  Thank goodness I had the courage to ask for what I wanted.  Not only will I be able to work at both jobs and continue volunteering at school; but I'll also still have date day with Luis.  It's a total win, win situation for me and my family.  YAY!

As soon as my schedule was secured, I got back to work on my reunion assignment. I was so busy that my day flew by; and I didn't even take a lunch break.  What a great job!  Just one day of attempting something new and I feel rejuvenated.  I am so excited to finally be doing work that suits me and my skills so well.

When I turned 43, I said that I was going to make the most of this year.  I proclaimed that I was going to do things that made me happy; and try to make positive changes that would better my life.  Asking for this new job, has propelled me on my way to becoming my authentic self.  I am going to be A person who is doing things that I'm meant to be doing, in order to feel fulfilled and reach my full potential.  What a feeling! 

Because I'm so interested in promoting (say it with me,) "The GREATER Good," I want to remind you that none of us ever know how many days we're going to be given; so it's never too soon to start living the life that you want.  I highly recommend taking a step or making a change that will further your own success; whether it be personal or professional.  Remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Be honest with yourself and believe that you know what's best for you and that you deserve it. 
Till next time...
Queen of EVERYTHING                               

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