Wednesday, March 9, 2011


OK, I'm just gonna have to come right out and say this; and I don't mean to slight anyone else's spouse when I make this comment; BUT, my husband, Luis is THE BEST HUSBAND EVER!  Who else but the man who knows my heart inside and out, would post this picture on Facebook for me; just because he thought it would make me smile. 
I've ALWAYS liked piglets; not that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting any up close and personal; but I'd welcome the opportunity to do so.  Anyway, Luis called me this morning and he told me that he sent me something on Facebook, and when I got a chance I should take a look.  Well of course I wasted no time signing in; and I literally squealed with delight, when I saw the picture of this precious piggy. I LOVE it! 

A little later in the day, Luis called again and told me to check out his Facebook status.  I was just about to take my lunch break, so his timing couldn't have been better; and when I read what he'd written, I was stunned; but in a good way.  Luis' posted "LOVE OTHERS AS THEY ARE, NOT AS YOU WANT THEM TO BE;" and I thought it was brilliant!

I asked Luis where he'd found that quote and he told me that it was something that he'd been thinking about for a while, and he'd been trying to put it into the right words.  Luis thought that there might be a possibility that this idea came from something similar that he'd seen somewhere else.  So he wasn't sure that he deserved all of the credit. Just to be on the safe side; I did some research (YES, research,) and guess what?  As best as I can tell; he sure does!  I am very happy, and extremely proud to tell you, that this wonderful quote, is in fact, a Luis Ramos original. 

Talk about (say it with me,) "The Greater Good."  Luis' quote is one that I want to remember every day of my life.  It should be so easy for us to remember that no one is perfect; including ourselves; and yet, when we get upset, angry, frustrated or disappointed with our loved ones; it's typically because they didn't act in a way that we wanted them to.  They didn't behave in a way that we would have.  BUT, we have to remember that we are all individuals, with our own thoughts and perceptions and feelings; and no one person's thoughts, perceptions and feelings are more important or more valid than anothers when you're having a relationship; whether it be a romance, a family or a friendship. 
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