Thursday, March 3, 2011

(43-219) Judge Judy

There are some days (OK, many days,) when I have no idea what I'm going to write about.  On those days, I do everything from review my Facebook for ideas and inspiration; check out my old blog posts, look for quotes, as you well know; or delve into Mari's "Memories and thoughts" jar.  Well today I thought I had a topic; but I think that it's one that I need to let brew for a lil longer; so I went searching.
While I was reviewing my Facebook friend's, posts, I saw that someone, I won't say who; posted "Judge Judy is a bitch;" and by the time that I saw it, 6 people had agreed with her; and one person commented "I dare you to say it to her face."  I wanted to comment, because I actually hold Judge Judy in very high regard; but I wasn't sure what to say; so I'm writing this post.

If you've ever read my "100 MORE Random Things About Me" post; then you may recall that #93 was "When I was a Social Worker, I appeared before Judge Judy (before she was ever on TV.)"  Yes, in fact I had to go before her for a TPR (Termination of Parental Rights;) and I was beyond nervous.  Even when Judge Judy was a NYC Family court judge, she had a reputation for being ferocious; BUT, it was because she wanted what was best for the children in the foster care system and she wanted to insure that everyone who came into her courtroom, was well prepared.  I'll never forget it.  She posted a sign in the hallway, right outside her courtroom, that said "Foster care is not a permanency plan," and she meant it. What that means, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the foster care system; is that she wanted each lawyer, social worker and parent, that entered her courtroom to know that we better have plans for the child that didn't involve keeping them in foster care on a permanent basis.  We needed to have a goal - either family reunification, adoption, or preparation for independent living.  In my opinion, the children in the NYC foster care system had no better friend than Judge Judy.

On the day that I was appearing in front of Judge Judy, I was very fortunate to go to court with my good friend / co-worker, who just so happened to be Judge Judy's cousin; and we were invited to sit in her gallery and observe other cases until ours were called.  As someone who wanted to be a judge once upon a time; I remember sitting there in awe.  Judge Judy was a force to be reckoned with and I felt honored to sit in her courtroom and later present a case to her.

Now when I saw that post on Facebook today; I honestly didn't know if my friend meant bitch in a good way; like she admired her, or bitch as in; she's unnecessarily mean and rude. I can tell you that Judge Judy KNOWS her stuff; and she impresses me EVERY time I hear her speak; whether she's a guest on a talk show or she's giving out her shoot from the hip, straight talking rulings on her show (which I don't watch; but I see clips of from time to time.) I think that she's brilliant, fair and VERY wise.  A bitch?  Yah, in the BEST sense of the word.  I think that more people need a Judge Judy in their lives.  They need someone who's going to be honest; call it like they see it and hold them accountable; instead of coddle and enable them when they need to make crucial, life changes.  As much as I am a lovey dovey; positive reinforcement kinda girl; I also have to say that I wholeheartedly endorse Judge Judy's manner of speaking, because it comes from a place of intelligence and experience.
It's certainly uncalled for, when someone is just nasty for no reason. But if someone is perceived to be a bitch because they've told you a truth that you don't like; then I think that the problem is more yours than theirs.  I'm just sayin...  I'm absolutely, 100% positive, that Judge Judy doesn't need me coming to her defense; but since appearing in her courtroom, watching her in action and working with children whose lives she tried to protect and preserve; I have the utmost respect for her and I just felt the need to comment.
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