Friday, April 1, 2011

(43-248) Who Woulda Thought...

This evening I did two things that aren't customary for me.  First, I went with my family to a dodgeball tournament at my kid's school; and then I ate crab legs.  Now one thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other; besides for the fact that neither of these activities are something that I usually do.

After his student council meeting yesterday, Nicky told me that he had volunteered to work at the snack bar during the 2nd Annual Dodgeball tournament on April 1, and earlier in the week Kelsie had brought home a permission slip to participate in the Kindergarten vs. First grade Dodgeball tournament; so we knew where we were going to be spending our Friday night.

We got to school at 5pm as Kelsie was instructed to do.  Luis had never heard of Dodgeball, and it had been some time since I'd played it myself, so I tired to explain it to him as best as I could remember.  Kelsie's game was a little chaotic as it didn't seem that they were using any official rules.  It was just a lot of throwing balls back and forth; which is fine for kids in Kindergarten and first grade, but it didn't help me explain the game any better to Luis.  I was really proud that Kelsie wanted to play in this tournament, because there was only one other first grade girl who chose to participate.

After Kelsie's game concluded; the real fun began.  The first match was two teams of teachers, The Pirates vs. The Dodgefathers.  The Pirates had matching baseball shirts with Pirates printed on them, bandannas and eye patches.  They had great enthusiasm, but they didn't fare well in the tournament.  The Dodgefather's cracked me up.  I thought that they had the best team name and they wore identical t-shirts that they made to look like a suit jacket and a tie.  They were hysterical.  There was another team of teachers who called themselves T6, and they'd bought Terminator costumes from Party City; and man did they look sharp.  Who woulda thought that Dodgeball was this entertaining?  In addition to the teacher teams, there were at least four teams of 7th and 8th grade students, AND the Funky Fresh Boyz, last year's winning team, returned to play as an alumni team.  When all was said and done, The Funky Fresh Boyz won the competition for the second year in a row; and the hour and a half dodgeball tournament had come to an end.  Although I can't see myself attending regularly scheduled Dodgeball games; I will definitely be looking forward to next year's tournament because it really was a good time.

Once we left the tournament, we were ready for dinner.  After some discussion, we decided to take the kid's to a new, Chinese buffet.  Since it's a weekend night, the buffet included Crab legs; which I typically avoid.  When I wrote "100 Random Things About Me,"  #73 was " I think crab legs are a waste of time. Not enough meat for the work; BUT, I really like crab."   And tonight, I REALLY liked crab legs!  We were enjoying our meal, when I said to Luis, "You KNOW I don't like all of the work involved with the crab legs, but the way that man is going to town on them it almost makes me want to have some."  Luis agreed wholeheartedly, so he went and got a couple.  The crab legs must have been cooked to perfection, because Luis was able to get the meat out quite easily.  He didn't even need to use the crab crackers.  Once we saw that we could enjoy the crab with a minimal amount of work, Luis went back to get some more.  Who woulda thought that a night that began with a Dodgeball tournament would end with a rare crab leg feast.  

This evening I did two things that aren't customary for me, and they were both unexpected treats; who woulda thought?
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