Saturday, April 16, 2011

(43-263) Oh Scrappy Day!!!

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Mari asked me if I wanted to go to the CK Scrapbook Convention on April 16.  At first I didn't think that I was interested in going, since I really don't have money to spend on scrapbook supplies right now; but ultimately I decided that it would be fun to go regardless;  and I accepted her invitation.  With Mari's consent I asked Jenny to join us, along with the five other friends that were already planning to go.  Unfortunately, Mari wasn't able to make it to the convention, because her 18 year old daughter had to have surgery on Thursday.  She was sadly missed, but was certainly there with us in spirit.

Luis and I discussed the convention, and I asked if he would be alright with me spending $10 while I'm there.  Luis didn't think this was quite fair; and told me that I should be able to spend $20.  Now I know that if you've ever been to the convention, you're thinking that $20 sounds like nothing; but to me, it was plenty.  Having been to the convention before, I knew that I was only going to buy something if I thought it was special; OR if it was  a really great price for something that I'd definitely use. 

Within the three hours that we were at the convention,  I bought 2 packages of foam, glitter, letter stickers for $1 per pack, and 1 package of epoxy snowflake stickers, for $1.  If you're counting that's $3 spent so far.  The next item that I wanted to purchase were Prima-esque flowers.  For you non-scrapbookers, Prima is a company that amongst other things, makes the most beautiful flowers in all types of papers and fabrics; but they can be a little pricey.  Although they were being sold for less money than usual, at the convention; I still wasn't sure that I was prepared to invest.  Luckily, I found a booth that had flowers very similar to Prima, but for a fraction of the cost; so I bought 10 flowers for $2.  I wouldn't have been able to buy even one package of Prima flowers for that price.  Oh Scrappy day!

With $5 spent, Jenny and I agreed to share a box of Bazzill paper.  For you non-scrapbookers, Bazzill is (in my opinion) the premier cardstock for scrapbooking.  They were offering an empty pizza style box for $20.  You would then fill the box with approximately 100 sheets of the 12x12 cardstock of your choice.   I proposed to Jenny that we split a box, and she agreed.  Our friend Lisa B was also going to buy a box, as well as one for Mari, so we purchased the four together because if you bought more than one box, the price for the additional boxes was only $15 each.  Score!  My portion was $7.50 and I asked Lisa to put my additional $2.50 towards Mari's box; as did Jenny.  When our other friends saw how little I'd purchased, they found it amusing; but I was very pleased.  I managed to leave the convention having spent only $15.

We went to lunch, and then to the ribbon store.  Yes, a store that sells ONLY ribbon.  It's just heavenly.  Mari had called and asked that we each buy her a couple of yards of ribbon; which she insited on reimbursing us for.  She assigned each of us a two colors and asked that we buy her two kinds of ribbon per color.  Mine were lime green and turquoise.  I liked the ones that I'd chosen for Mari so much, that I bought a couple of yards for myself, and was still under the $20.  From there we went to Scrapbooks etc. and I bought two sheets of paper and an apple cider lollipop; but it didn't cost me anything, because my friend Julie wouldn't take my $2.50 since I'd bought her a frappe at McDonald's this morning.

With all of the scrapbook paper that we'd looked at today, the one thing that I didn't see was the ONE piece of paper that I need in order to finish the Holiday card layout that I started the last time that I cropped at Mari's.  I'm on the process of making three identical layouts for my kids, but I was only able to complete two as I ran out of one of the papers for the third.  When I got home and realized that I hadn't stopped at Crop girls, to buy my one sheet; I looked online to see what time they closed.  With  only 25 minutes till closing,  I drove over to the store; and as luck would have it, there was exactly one sheet left.   I spent all of .86 which is almost unheard of for a scrapbooker; and I was on my way.

I'm so glad that I decided to go today.  I had a wonderful time spending a day with the ladies and my desire to scrapbook has been rejuvenated.  I stuck to my budget; and I REALLY like what I purchased; so my mission was accomplished.

Speaking of mission accomplished...I want to give myself a lil pat on the back, as tonight's blog is my 400th post EVER!  Thank you so much for joining me.       
Till next time...
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LORI said...

Glad you got to go--I love that place!!!