Sunday, April 24, 2011

(43-271) EGGhausted!!!

Hoppy Easter everyone!  OK, corny I know; but I've had an EGGhilarating day and I am officially EGGhausted!!!  C'mon, for as many times as I've told you how much I LOVE continuity; this really can't surprise you.

After my kids searched for their Easter baskets this morning, I gave them breakfast; then went to the Supermarket.  Fry's already had their Easter stuff marked down; and I totally got EGGcited because they had this egg spinner that my friend Lisa B had brought over to Tina's yesterday; and it was marked down to $3.49; and to top it off, I had a 20% off coupon for Easter items PLUS the $5 gift card that I'd earned last week. WOOHOO! Next years eggs are going to be really EGGtravagant!

We unloaded our groceries, packed up our Turkey, and the fixings that I needed to make mashed potatoes and we headed for Michelle M's.  Shortly after arriving, the kids decided to go swimming.  I immediately started filling five dozen, plastic eggs with money; and then Michelle and I played JUST DANCE 2.  Talk about EGGercise!  When we were ready to take a lil break, we went outside to sit by the pool and I snapped some photos of the kids. 

Around 245 we put our two, 12lb-ish Turkeys into the oven, and I started my mashed potatoes.  At 430 Luis and Michelle's brother Kyle, drove over to the park by Michelle's old house, where we've had our Easter egg hunt for the past four years; and they hid all 88 eggs that we had filled between us.  I gave a lil speech about being happy with whatever you get, and picking up as many as you could find.  We snapped a couple of pictures, and at the count off of "On your mark, get so, Go!"  They took off running.

Our Easter egg hunt turned out to be quite profitable for them.  Lyndzi earned $31.61. Nicky made $23.19 and Kelsie found $6.71 They all did an EGGemplary job.

When we returned to Michelle's house, we got the finishing touches of the cooking under way; and by 7pm we sat down to an EGGceptional, Easter feast.  We followed our meal with the cupcakes that Michelle and I had made on Saturday night and ended our holiday celebration on a very sweet note. 

OK, I'll say it...It was the Best Easter EVER!  I hope that yours was an equally satisfying EGGperience.
Till next time...

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Sugar said...

sounds like tons of fun!