Friday, April 15, 2011

(43-262) On The Mend

Ah yes, another disclaimer: This is NOT becoming an all appliance blog; BUT, I do want to update you on the refrigeration situation that I wrote about in "Fingers Crossed."
As of this morning, it seemed that Luis' extensive dust removal helped our refrigerator and freezer; however, it was not repaired.

Luis went back to the drawing board and found some very useful information online, which lead him to believe that our fan may not have been working.  He called Sears and although the part was reasonably priced; the shipping was going to cost almost as much AND it would take five to seven days for the part to get here.  Luckily Luis found a local business that sold the part and they just so happened to be located only a few minutes from our home.

Luis removed the fan, because the very nice man that he spoke to on the phone said that he could test it for him, if he brought it in.  The test was run and sure enough; the fan was dead.  It cost approximately $53 for a new fan, and the nice man even removed the old one and attached the new one for us.  I asked the man how much it might cost to make additional repairs, if  our problems persisted; and he told me that  if ALL of the potential problems existed, it would only be about $100 in parts to fix.  WOOHOO!  I'd surely rather spend $100 then have to buy a new fridge.

Luis and I were very excited.  We bought a thermometer for the refrigerator so that we would be able to tell if the repairs had worked.  Luis installed the new fan, checked the defroster as our new, helpful friend advised; and we waited.  The freezer instantly came back to life, but the fridge was going to be a longer process.    Luis said that the fridge had been 60 degrees, and it should be between 35 and 40.  At 6pm I checked the thermometer, and  it was about 49.  The good news is, the temp is going down, so the fridge seems to be on the mend; BUT we still have at least nine degrees to go to be certain that we have fixed all of the problems.

Fast forward, to 10pm this evening and the thermometer is now reading 38 degrees.  Hallelujah!
I HAVE to say that I am really proud that Luis and I didn't just throw in the towel; or the refrigerator.  There is SO MUCH information available to the average Joe now, via the internet; that we  may have just saved ourselves several hundreds of dollars by doing some research.  How great is that!!!
Till next time...

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