Monday, April 4, 2011

(43-251) Right Around The Corner

My kid's started their swim team prep tonight; and I couldn't be happier, because that means that summer vacation is right around the corner.  It was so great to see them in their swimsuits, goggles and towels in tow.  And once they got to the pool, I felt like we were home.

This will be Nicky and Lyndzi's fourth year on the swim team and Kelsie's third; and I have to say that in some ways, I enjoy watching them swim, even more than I like to watch them play soccer; if you can believe that.  Maybe it's because even though they're on a team; unless they are competing in a relay, their success depends solely on themselves.  If Lyndzi for argument sake wins a first place ribbon, it's because of her own hard work and no one elses; and I think that is very gratifying for them.  The same may be said if one of the kid's wins a fifth or sixth place ribbon for example.  They and only they can take responsibility for the outcome of their race and they can choose to work on improving or be content with where their effort has gotten them.  What a great learning experience.

I know that some Mom's don't like having their kids home all summer, but I relish every minute of it.  I like seeing my kids all day, and hearing their voices while I'm working, and knowing that I can hug or kiss them whenever I want.  I get great pleasure watching them swim their laps and hang out at the pool with their friends, while they wait for their siblings lessons to begin or conclude.  I love to watch them compete and cheer them on every step of the way.  I can't wait to have the time to travel around leisurely.  We want to camp, and go to the beach.  We plan to visit my cousin Jackie; and our other California friends; then  of course there's our Wet 'n' Wild season passes, not to mention my impending birthday and trip to New York.  

Yes my favorite season is right around the corner and I am giddy with anticipation; but I'll put my excitement on hold for just a moment, so that I can share some info for (say it with me,)  "The GREATER Good."  If you live in the City of Peoria (AZ that is,) and you're not aware of the swim team program, I'm going to tell you a little about it.  The City of Peoria has four swim teams, Two at Centennial HS (The Sea Turtles who practice in the morning and the Stingrays who practice in the evenings.)  The Pirhanas are based at Peoria HS and the Sharks are the Sunrise HS team.  Practice begins on Monday, May 23.  They typically practice Mon thru Wed and have meets on the fourth day.  Meets are either Thursday afternoon / evening, Friday  afternoon / evening or Saturday morning.  Swim team typically ends around July 15 and costs $80 per child.  They don't require you to buy a team swim suit, but they recommend that you buy something similar.  Right now they're offering swim team prep which is conditioning.  The classes run Mon-Thurs for two week sessions.  Children under 8 practice for a 1/2 hour and 9 and older practice for 45 minutes.  The cost is only $18 per child for the 8 classes, and they begin a new session every two weeks between now and the middle of May.  If you think that your child may be interested in participating on one of the swim teams, the prep is a great introduction, because they will swim as much as they do at practice, and get a good taste of what it will be like.

I'm counting down the days, in more ways than one.  Just 15 more blogs to reach 266, and after that I'll have just 100 to go.  That sounds like a crazy number when I say it, but considering how far I've come, it's a mere drop in the bucket.  Once I get past post 266, I'll be counting down the days to Nicky's twelfth birthday, and the kid's last day of school.  Then counting down the days until our pending July 4th trip to California, and shortly thereafter, my 44th birthday and my New York homecoming.  Much to look forward to and even more to be thankful for.
Till next time...

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