Saturday, April 30, 2011

(43-277) "The Voice"

I know that there are many busy people who fore go watching TV; but I can't.  I enjoy watching TV.  I like being distracted; and I watch a good variety of shows.  Everything from a soap opera, to comedy, to drama, to reality.  I watch dance reality, singing reality, cooking reality and human reality.  And I know that sounds like a lot to some; but thanks to my DVR, I watch it all at my convenience.  Well usually...

On Tuesday night, we ran into a bit of a scheduling conflict, because we can only record two shows at a time, and watch one of the two shows.  We were recording the "Dancing with the stars" results show, "The Biggest Loser," and  "GLEE," but we also wanted to watch the premier of "The Voice" on NBC.  Since the aforementioned shows overlapped a bit, I knew that if we watched "The Voice" on the play room TV from 8 to 830, we could then record the remainder on the DVR.  Luis, Kelsie and I settled in for "The Voice," and we all LOVED it. 
If you haven't heard about it; lemme splain.  The show is hosted by Carson Daly, who thus far he has proven himself to be kind, compassionate, 
and extremely likable.  Even Luis thought so.  The judges are Adam Levine (Maroon 5,)  Cee Lo Green (whose hit "Forget You" is ROCKIN the charts right now,)  Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton; and together, they're a terrific team.  The premise of the show is that each of the judges will chose 8 singers to comprise their team.  Then the judge / coach will work with them as the show goes into competition mode.  Ultimately, one person will be dubbed "The voice."  The contestants had been pre-screened and the ones who are appearing on the show, are those that received call backs.  The singers come out onto the stage without being announced, and the judges have their chairs turned around so that they cannot see the performer.  The contestant begins singing and if any of the  judges are interested in coaching that person, they hit their buzzer which turns their chair around so that they can face the performer.  If no one buzzes in, the singer does not continue on the show.  If more than one judge buzzes in, then the singer will have the opportunity to chose which coach he/she wants to work with.  And I can tell you that the judges and their pitches are both funny and heartfelt.

Frenchie Davis
So far, each coach has chosen three singers; and I was so pleasantly surprised when onto the stage walked none other than Frenchie.  NO, not Frenchie from "Grease," Frenchie from season two of "American Idol."  I had been a big Frenchie fan back in the day.  And if you don't know who I'm talkin bout, lemme refresh your memory.
So it's season two of "American Idol" and Frenchie wows the judges.  Frenchie sails through Hollywood week and makes it to the semi-finals, but when the show start airing, Frenchie is no where to be found, because the producers had eliminated her.  Frenchie had been forthcoming with the producers and told them at the age of nineteen she had posed for some lingerie and topless pictures which had been on the Internet.  The website had since been shut down, but the producers decided that since "Idol" was a family show, it would be inappropriate for Frenchie to appear.  This steamed me then, and  since more recent contestants were allowed to compete after less forthright discoveries were made, I think that Frenchie got a really raw deal, and I'm very excited to be able to watch her have the opportunity to perform again.

"The Voice" is not aiming to be a venue for "Idol" castoffs from what I've read.  They are just trying to find the BEST voice in America.  Other contestants had stories that were just as compelling as Frenchie's.  From a painstakingly shy, 16 year old girl, who'll be working with Blake Shelton, to a young woman whose been living in her car since she travels around so much for gigs.  There are all types of  singers who perform in various genres; and what I find really interesting is that, the teams are not necessarily being built in accordance with the singer or coaches specialty.  There's a country crooner who chose to work with Adam Levine, and a rock girl who picked Christina Aguilera as her coach; and I could go on and on, but I won't.

As full as my DVR is getting, I will definitely be fitting "The Voice" in to my scheduled recordings list; and get this.  If it's too full, I WILL watch it on any TV that's available in my house; because it's just THAT GOOD.   I can assure you that  "The Voice" is not JUST another singing reality show; and it's totally worth your time, even if you have very little of it.
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