Saturday, April 9, 2011

(43-256) Ice Cream Jinxed

Last night was an SMF movie night, so my friend Jenny and I took our kids, her mom and two additional kids, to Culvers.  We needed seating for 11 and Culver's was packed.  We divided ourselves between three different tables in close proximity to each other.  The four girls at one table, the three boys at another and Jenny, her mom and me at the other.  We were gathering every one's orders when all of a sudden we realized that all four girls had gotten up from their table, and someone else had sat down.  We needed to find another table, but there weren't any to be had.  We were waiting patiently, with the girls standing by our table and a woman who was sitting right behind us, asked if we needed another table.  We said "Yes," and she said that they were just eating their ice cream and they could do so in their car; so we could have their table.  We thanked them but told them that it wasn't necessary because we didn't want them to leave on our behalf.  The family said that they were happy to help us out; and we were all flabbergasted.  Even Lyndzi said "That's so nice of them," and it really was.

I always try to be helpful and go out of my way for people, even strangers; and it was such a pleasant surprise to be on the receiving end of a random act of kindness and consideration.  And I knew that since this had occurred, I wanted to write about it.

We all ate our food and since the kid's meals include desert; everyone got ice cream.   If you've never been to Culver's, I have to tell you that although there food is better than average, their frozen custard is AWESOME!  They always have Chocolate, Vanilla and a Flavor of the day; and last night's flavor was Strawberry Cheesecake.  Now since I'm allergic to strawberries, I had Vanilla, but Jenny got the flavor of the day.  I had told Jenny that one day my co-worker had gotten that flavor and it was Vanilla custard with cheesecake pieces,real strawberries and strawberry sauce.  When Jenny's custard was delivered however, it didn't look at all like what I'd described.  Basically it appeared that Jenny had Vanilla custard with maybe one strawberry in it.  Kind soul that she is, Jenny didn't seem to mind.  But then her mom decided that she wanted to get some custard; and she too chose the flavor of the day; but when hers was delivered to the table, it looked EXACTLY like what I'd described and Jenny's certainly paled in comparison.

When I saw her mom's custard I couldn't help but laugh out loud.  You see the last time that Jenny and I had gone to Culver's with the kids; she and I both tasted the flavor of the day, which was Turtle, and we each ordered a scoop.  Turtle is "vanilla custard with swirled in streams of sweet caramel, brittled chocolate coating and pecan pieces;" and when the server brought our custards over, she had made a comment that you could tell that two different people had prepared these desserts because mine clearly had more of everything than Jenny's did.  I asked the server if they could fix up Jenny's and they gladly did.  But the fact that TWICE she had gotten the lesser of the treats, just cracked me up.  I told her that she was ice cream jinxed, and we laughed, and laughed.
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