Tuesday, April 26, 2011

(43-273) Kidz-R-Kool

Today all three of my kids were scheduled to have their bi-annual dental check ups and teeth cleanings.  So if you've stopped by "The Bumpy Ride" before, you know what that means... I was NERVOUS!  I've been very careful NOT to let my kids know how much I detest going to the dentist; because I don't want them to be afraid like me.  Luckily, none of them seem to have inherited my dental phobia and I credit this in part to their phenomenal dentist, Dr. Brenke at Kidz-R-Kool Pediatric Dentistry.

I've been taking my kids to Dr. Brenke for years, and he's done everything from a routine exam, to fillings, to sealants to extractions for us; and my kids have never complained, and have NEVER been scared to undergo treatment.  Dr. Brenke and his staff treat the kids with kindness and respect; and they bend over backwards to make sure that the parents are comfortable as well.  Ironically enough, Valerie, who I mentioned in "A New Crown For The Queen," left her job with my previous dentist a few years ago and has been working at Kidz-R-Kool ever since; which gives us an extra reason to be comfortable with our dental care choice.

Dr. Brenke's office is adjoined to our Orthodontist's office, which makes it very convenient if ever the Orthodontist needs to defer to the dentist or vice versa.  Like today for instance, Dr. Brenke noticed that one of Lyndzi's teeth was not going to be able to come in properly because her spacer wire was in the way.  He asked me when her next Ortho appointment was, so I checked my calendar and told him that it was scheduled for May 26.  Dr. Brenke didn't think that it should wait that long; so he personally took Lyndzi next door to the Orthodontist's office and then brought one of the techs back over to speak to me.  We agreed that I'd bring Lyndzi in on Tuesday when Nicky has his next Ortho appointment; and I was most appreciative of his assistance.

All too often I find myself telling you about the inferior service that I've received somewhere; so in the interest of (say it with me) "The Greater Good,"  I feel duty bound to recommend Kidz-R-Kool to all those who are in the Peoria, AZ area.   Heck, even if you're a little bit further away, I think he's totally worth the trip.

It means everything to me that my kids aren't fearful the way that I am, and that they have positive experiences doing the things that they NEED to do for themselves; like having regular dental exams.  I'm also delighted to report that all three of my kids were cavity free, and won't need to be seen for another six months.
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