Thursday, April 14, 2011

(43-261) Fingers Crossed

Sometimes you don't know how much you like something, until it's gone; and that's exactly how I feel about my refrigerator.  That's right, I said my REFRIGERATOR.  We bought our fridge when we moved into our house, about 8 1/2 years ago.  It's nothin fancy; just a White, single door Kenmore, with an ice maker in the freezer and a water dispenser in the refrigerator and up until a few days ago, it has been an ideal appliance.

Early last week, I mentioned to Luis that when I got water out of the fridge; it was warm.  Luis made some kinda excuse and didn't seem to give much credence to what I was saying.  But then this past Sunday night, he told me that the ice cream that was in the freezer, seemed a little soft.  I told him that we'd keep an eye on it, and reminded him about the warm water.  When I woke up on Monday, I checked the freezer and I noticed that a package of steaks was defrosting.  YES, right in the freezer!

After Luis checked it out, he was convinced that we were going to have to replace our refrigerator.  He couldn't call out of work, so he went to the hotel with the hope of leaving early so that we could go shopping for a new fridge.

Luis was able to come home just after lunchtime, and we went to The Home DepotLowe's and Sears.  None of the stores had a refrigerator that was similar to ours, but we found a couple of models that could work for us.   Not having settled on one, we picked up four bags of ice and brought our coolers in from the garage, so that we could try to salvage the contents of our refrigerator and freezer.  I happened to speak with my friend Jenny in the meantime and after telling her about our fridge, she informed me that her mom had one that she was going to sell, if we were interested.

As it turned out, Jenny's mom's fridge was 13 years old; and she said that we could just have it.  Luis and I were grateful, for the offer; and we planned to take her up on it, but before I left to take the kids to the pool, I asked Luis if he just wanted to check and see if there was ANYTHING that could be done to fix the fridge.  I went on to say that if it turned out to be something that we could have fixed, we would feel very foolish for not even trying.  Luis agreed to see if there was anything that he could do; and by the time we returned from the pool, he was hard at work.   Luis said that he went online and researched the matter; and it could be a number of things.  Luis put the freezer back together; and now we've just got our fingers crossed that what he's done thus far will resolve the problem.  If not, he's now aware of a few other things that he might try.

I am so proud of Luis and thankful for his handiness.  Luis was not always a "handy" man, but over the past 17 years; he has risen to every repair challenge that we've faced.  He's taught himself enough to solve all of our breakdowns, and conductd all  of our necessary fix ups.  I have a REALLY good feeling about this; so I'll keep you posted.
Till next time...

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