Friday, April 22, 2011

(43-269) Me From A to Z

OK, I admit, I'm a comment addict.  It thrills me no end when  someone takes the time to leave me a comment.  Whether it's right on "The Bumpy Ride," on Facebook, via text or email; I am crazy for comments. And I have to say that nothing quite puts the icing on my comment cake, like a new reader sharing their thoughts with me.

After posting "100 To Go," I received a lovely comment from a woman called Sugar; so I paid her blog a visit.  I had a look around and I was inspired by something that I saw, and I decided to put my own twist on it.  So for better or worse, this is Me From A-Z:

A -  Amusing,Anxious,Active
B -  Brave,Bold,Blessed  
C -  Creative,Caring,Candid,
D -  Dancing Queen,Dedicated,Devoted
E -  Entertaining,Energetic,Empathetic
F -  Feminine,Forgiving,Friend
G -  Genuine,Gregarious,GLEE fan,Generous (according to Nicky & Kelsie)
H -  Happy,Honest,Hard working
I -  Intelligent,Introspective,Ice cream LOVER
J -  Jovial,Jewish,Jewelry maker
K -  Kind, Klutzy, Kooky
L -  Loving,Loyal,Liberal
M -  Mother,Merry,Messy, 
N -  Nice(according to Lyndzi,)Naughty(according to Luis)
New Yorker
O -  Optimistic,Opinionated,Overweight
P -  Particular,Perceptive,Perfectionist 
Q -  Queen of EVERYTHING
R -  Red Head, Reader, Ridiculous (but in a good way)
S -  Sensitive,Spontaneous,Scrapbooker,Swim & Soccer Mom
T -  Tenacious,Talkative,True
U -  Unique,Unstoppable
V -  Vivacious, Verbose,
W -  Witty,Wife,Writer 
X -  X-uberant
Y-   Youthful
Z -  Zealous

Till next time...

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