Saturday, April 23, 2011

(43-270) EGGtravaganza!

Richie Howell (my father for any newbies;) was always responsible for coloring, and hiding our Easter eggs, as well as preparing our Easter baskets.  Although I don't credit him for much; I will say that he ROCKED Easter and all that it entailed.  Interestingly enough, he was also the mastermind behind our incomparable Christmas trees, and the splendid bows and wrapping on our gifts.  It's kind of ironic that he was able to express his love in these ways; considering that he was rarely around, but I'm very glad to at least have SOME good memories of him.

Back in the day, my brother and I were never a part of the egg dying process.  We just woke up Easter morning and searched for the eggs that Richie Howell had colored.  I can't recall why Luis and I (OK, I) decided not to use colored eggs for our very first Easter egg hunt; but we opted for the plastic ones; and we've been using them ever since.

Over time, it's become our tradition to put various denominations of money in the plastic Easter eggs; and use those for our hunt with Michelle M and her son.  We also dye eggs for an activity, but we never hide them, nor do we eat them; so I'm not REALLY sure why we do it; and yet I wouldn't consider skipping it.

Today we were invited to our friend Tina's for a big egg dying EGGtravaganza.  Tina has a more the merrier point of view, so she told us to invite Jenny and her kids as well.  Knowing that we had an EGGciting, EGGercise ahead of us I boiled three dozen eggs; and headed to Tinas's around 245.  Tina had several tables set up and more dyes than I've ever seen.  It was EGGtraordinary!  All of the kids were happily coloring their eggs; and Luis, Jenny and I got in on the act too.  THEN, Tina brought out some chalk board eggs.  She had spray painted the eggs black, and the kids were able to use chalk on them.  They were EGGcellent!

I love the traditions that I've created with my family and friends.  Or should I say my family of friends... In fact, as soon as I'm done with this post, I'm off to Michelle M's so that we can commence with our Easter baking.  We've decided to bake cupcakes rather than a cake; and we're attempting Red Velvet with cream cheese frosting and Vanilla with a butter cream, Coconut, and Pecan frosting.  Calories don't count on the holidays right?

I hope that you all enjoy YOUR holiday traditions and I wish you an EGGceptional Easter.
Till next time...

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