Tuesday, April 12, 2011

(43-259) Quite Contrary...

This week is proving to have it's own challenges.  Now I'm not really into complaining, so I DON'T want to share what's going on.  Just suffice it to say, it's a garden variety of things.  I'm NOT overcome with sadness, anger, or worry; I'm just an ample amount of concerned, but I have every confidence that all will work out exactly as it should.

With much on my mind and a lot to do, I wanted to keep tonight's post really light and before I knew it I was formulating a list of ten things that I have no desire to do.  How's that for feeling quite contrary.  It's entirely possible, that I may have mentioned one or more of these before in some other context; but from where I sit tonight, these were the first ten that came to me.   

Ten things I have no desire to do:

1.     Bungee jump
2.     Eat rabbit
3.     Ski
4.     Sky dive
5.     Go to India
6.     Eat venison
7.     Watch "The Godfather"
8.     Go on a safari
9.     Eat frogs legs
10.   Hear Jennifer Hudson sing "I feel good"

I made the list prior to writing the post that accompanies it; and I have to say that I find it truly amusing. It seems that of the ten things I have no desire to do, most involve heights, and eating cute or endearing animals.  Because I'm me, I feel the need to say that my list is not meant to offend anyone who may like, do or want to do these things themselves; they're just my own personal preferences - for now.  As for "The Godfather" I only mention it, because I've never seen it and I don't have any interest in doing so.  As a matter of fact, I could probably make a list of at least ten movies that are popular or iconic, that I've never seen, nor do I want to, even though tI know that they are highly acclaimed.  But that might be a list for another time.  In regard to Jennifer Hudson; I like her, I do.  I think she's a GREAT singer; however, I can't stand her rendition of "I feel good."  I feel compelled to change the channel when she's singing it in her Weight Watcher's commercials because her version irks me.  So having to endure the full song on "Dancing With The Stars" tonight, was just unbearable for me, and fit right into my theme.  Continuity, continuity, continuity.  Now there's something I LIKE!
Till next time...

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