Thursday, April 7, 2011

(43-254) Music To My Ears

Anyone who knows my son Nicky, can attest that he's a pretty serious guy.  Nicky is the best son EVER!  He's intelligent, kind, thoughtful, caring, loving, polite, well behaved, as well as most other positive attributes that you can think of.  BUT, as much as it pains me to say it, often times he's uptight.  Loving him as much as I do; I work with him on a daily basis to try and help him to overcome his shyness and to relax; but it's been a very slow road.

When Nicky's at home, or with people that he's very comfortable with; he talks and talks; which I know some may find difficult to believe.  He jokes, and teases (to some extent,) and he enjoys comedy.  However, I don't often hear him laugh; and tonight, I had him hysterical; and it was music to my ears.

We were sitting on the couch and I was preparing to write my blog; when all of a sudden I got the urge to tickle Nicky.  I honestly don't think I've really tried to tickle him since he was a baby; which sounds totally unbelievable to me; and yet, I fear that it's true.  I started by tickling him under his knee, and he went nuts; to the point where he was laughing so hard that drool came out of his mouth.  I was so pleased with his reaction, that I switched to tickling him on his side, and then under his arms; and he fell off the couch laughing.  What a delightful sound!

Of course I've heard Nicky laugh before; but usually because he's amused by a TV show or movie OR because he's thought of something that he thinks is funny.  But NEVER have I heard Nicky chortle continuously, as he did tonight.  

I know for a fact that I laughed A LOT as a child.  So much so that I almost got kicked out of kindergarten for laughing.  I remember my mom telling me that she had been called to school because my kindergarten teacher said the I had a contagious laugh and that once I started laughing, the other kids would too.  The problem with that was that I didn't always laugh at appropriate times.  I chalk that up to me having a nervous laugh in addition to a contagious one; but nonetheless it needed to be curtailed.  My mom must have assured the teacher that I would learn to control myself, because I wasn't removed from the class; but I ALMOST wish that one day one of Nicky's teachers would have to make such a call.

I wouldn't want to change any of the great things that Nicky is.  But just like most moms, I want my child's life to be as stress free and easygoing as possible.  I think that tickling Nicky tonight just may have been a big (yes) HUGE turning point for us; and I can't wait to hear that sweet, sweet music again SOON!
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