Tuesday, April 5, 2011

(43-252) In The Nick Of Time

I am so thankful to all of my friends and family who racked their brains to help us find a DJ name for Luis.  I never would have imagined that choosing a DJ name would have been as challenging as it was; but we need look no further, as Luis has chosen a name.

I told you about my dear friend Russell B when I wrote "Positivity;" and this morning I received a one line email from him that said "how about DJ Louie V (the V for Vallarta as in Puerto Vallarta."  I kinda liked that, so I called Luis and suggested it to him; and he sorta liked it as well.  I asked if I should tell my boss that he'd chosen a name; but he wasn't quite ready to commit.  I recommended that he ask some people at work and see if they preferred The DJ Bandito (as my boss had been referring to him;) or DJ Louie V.

Around 245 I received an I.M. from my boss and he asked me to check our website, as he'd loaded Luis' music samples along with the other DJ's and he wanted to make sure that he'd gotten it right.  I mentioned that Luis might have found a name and my boss said that he needed to make a final decision TODAY.  Oh my God!!! I had no idea that we'd come down to the wire.  Russell's suggestion had come in the nick of time.  I assured my boss that Luis would email him with his name choice before 4pm; and when Luis walked in the door, I told him just that. To which he replied,  "I'm DJ Louie V Baby!"

So there you have it.  Russell is the winner of "Name The DJ!!!!"  And we are beyond grateful to him and everyone else who gave this matter their consideration.  Luis is now listed on our website as DJ Louie V, and as I think his samples sound just as good (if not better) than the more experienced DJ's that we work with; I'm confident that he'll be appearing soon at a reunion near you.
Till next time...

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