Wednesday, April 20, 2011

(43-267) Decision Making

I think that one of the best things that you can do for your kids is to teach them to trust themselves; and encourage them to make their own decisions.  Now of course, when I say this; I'm referring to children of a certain age; but remember that you have to start somewhere.  So yes, I was the mom that let a five year old Kelsie wear two different colored flip flops to the store one day, because that's what she wanted to do and expressing her individuality wasn't going to hurt anyone.

I want my kids to know that they are capable of choosing what is best for them; and then take responsibility for their decisions once they've made them.  And this week, Nicky did just that.

Nicky has been a Student Council rep this year, and he's absolutely loved it.  He's enjoyed working in the school snack bar, setting up for dances, volunteering at a food bank, and participating in meetings.  Nicky hopes to continue with Student Council next year, and as they're getting ready to have officer elections; he was considering running for Secretary.  Now why Secretary you might ask?  And the answer is simple.  The only positions that 6th graders may run for are Secretary, Treasurer and Spirit Coordinator.  Well try as he may, Spirit Coordinator is not a position that would suit Nicky right now, and a popular girl had already said that she was going to run for Treasurer, so rather than compete against her, Nicky was considering Secretary.

I was VERY proud that Nicky wasn't letting the two to five minute speech that he'd have to give in front of the 5th through 7th graders deter him.  We discussed the fact that although it might make him uncomfortable for a few minutes; in the long run the gain would be worth it.  Nicky was contemplating his decision to run and ultimately he decided that he didn't want to, because he really didn't want to be Secretary. Nicky thought that the Secretary position would be too much pressure for him, and speaking as someone who's held that position before; I would have to say he's right.  It's a lot of additional work and responsibility.  Nicky decided that he would wait until next fall, when he could run for a rep position, and hopefully get back into Student Council.  I respect Nicky's decision and how he made it.  He wasn't afraid to say that he'd changed his mind; and he definitely gave it a lot of thought before doing so. 

You know I joke a lot about how I have trouble making decisions; but the truth is, it's the insignificant things, like what to have for dinner that cause me to be indecisive.  When it comes to life decisions, I don't have difficulty at all.  Case in point, writing a daily blog this year.  I didn't waiver at all about doing it; although maybe I should have.  Just kidding!

As always I am extraordinarily proud of Nicky.  He's almost twelve years old, and he knows very well, who he is, and he is invariably true to himself.  Nicky is his own person and he does what's comfortable for him, regardless of if it's the popular thing to do or not.  And as his mom; that's EXACTLY what I had hoped for him.
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