Monday, April 25, 2011

(43-272) Four Weeks And Counting...

As I was packing the kid's lunches this morning, I glanced over to the dry erase calendar that we keep on our fridge; and then advised Nicky that his birthday was three weeks from today.  I followed this announcement up by broadcasting that they would be done with school in just four weeks.  WOOHOO!!  And I did say THAT too.

I know that a lot of parents don't like having their kids home for the summer; but I REALLY look forward to it.  I like to spend as much time with them as possible; and I sadly recognize that it won't be long before they don't want to spend as much time with me.  

After dropping the kids at school this morning, I went to register them for Swim team.     Another sign that summer is just around the corner; and I can't wait.  I know that I've said it many times, but it's just amazing to me how quickly time flies by.  It seems like just a couple of years ago that I gave birth to Nicky, and yet he'll turn twelve on May 16.  All  I can say is that if you have children, young ones in particular; enjoy each and EVERY minute, because the little things that annoy you now, will seem like nothing as they get older and their problems get bigger.  When they're little it's so easy to plan EVERYTHING for them.  What they'll eat, what they'll wear, when they'll sleep, who they'll play with etc. etc. and as they get older they make more and more of these decisions for themselves; and not always successfully.

Yes, I'm counting down the days until the end of the school year and the beginning of our family time.  My favorite time!
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