Friday, April 8, 2011

(43-255) C'mon Get Happy

This week's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me; and this morning I was in a foul mood for a couple of hours.  I can attribute it to the weather, or Kelsie, or new school procedures, or friends; or a multitude of other concerns; but regardless of the cause(s) I was downright pissy. 

Queen of OVERTHINKING that I am, I kept rehashing the things that were troubling me; and I thought to myself "I can sit here feeling annoyed and angry OR I can just accept the way things are for now and cross any necessary bridges, if and when I come to them.  Why waste time feeling bad when I could just be happy that I'm alive and thankful for what I have."  I thought,  "I can CHOOSE to be happy and not let things bother bother me."  And amazingly enough, it was just that easy.  And I snapped myself right outta my funk.  

So in the interest of YOUR  (say it with me) "GREATER good," I say to you "C'mon Get Happy."  I'm not naive enough or callous enough to think that all depressions and worries can be pushed aside as simply asI did mine today; however, I do believe that many of us spend time concerned about things or people that we cannot control or change.  We work ourselves up, we don't eat, we overeat, we don't sleep, we sleep too much, we get knots in our stomachs, we cry, we take things out on others and we do things that aren't good for us, when all the while none of these behaviors will effect or change what's bothering us.  So I say DON'T DO IT.  If you chose to be involved in a situation or with a person that causes you grief and distress; ask yourself if it's worth it.  If it is, then choose to be happy no matter what; and if it's not, hasta la vista baby!  For those problems that are more severe; I can only offer these words with the utmost sympathy and respect.  No matter who or what you've lost, your life will go on; even though it might not feel as sweet at the moment.  Embrace the love and care that those who are still with you want to extend and value all that you have, because you now know that nothing is a guarantee and you never know when you might experience another loss; since sadly that's how life is.  

I don't pretend to have the answer for everything, but as someone who suffered through a great deal of loss at a young age; I've learned some very difficult lessons and I'm hoping that you'll benefit from my experience.  I know that we all heal in our own time; but since you don't know how much of your own time you're going to have I hope that you spend your days choosing to feel good and being happy for what you had and thankful for what you have.
Till next time...
Queen of EVERYTHING                                                       


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