Tuesday, October 12, 2010

(43-77) Just Another Day...

I began my day at 445AM.  I got up a little earlier than usual because I wanted to shower before starting work, since I had promised to help in Kelsie's class at 8am.  By 5, I was ready to start work and enjoy my first morning cup of coffee; but as I went to pour a cup, I found that the pot had been off  kilter and so the coffee had not brewed all the way; but instead seeped out across the counter and deposited an excess amount of grinds in the pot.  I'm good for this happening once every couple of months; so I wasn't phased by it.  I dumped out the coffee catastrophe and brewed a fresh pot.
I woke Lyndzi at 630, (because she likes to have extra time to get ready;) and Nicky and Kelsie at 7.  Clocked out of work, and prepared breakfast (OK, toasted breakfast;) and made the kid's lunches.  By 745, we were out the door.  I signed in at school and helped in Kelsie's classroom until 930.  I then went home and clocked back in to work.
By 1230 I was ready for a lunch break.  I made myself a turkey sandwich; and created a flyer for Luis to give out to his soccer team.  I then checked my Facebook account and proceeded to vote for Lyndzi in the MIX 96.9 Fridge Art contest.  I clicked on Lyndzi's link, as I do every day; but this time it went to another girl's artwork and not Lyndzi's.  I perused through the pictures, and found that Lyndzi was now # 17 instead of # 22.  I emailed the radio station as earlier that day they had sent an email advising that there had been a problem with the website / voting; but it was now resolved.  Um; I guess not!  I tired to explain precisely what had happened; but didn't have faith that my explanation would make sense to them; so I welcomed them to call me with any questions.  I received an  informal email, confirming that in fact Lyndzi's link had changed; and shortly thereafter, I received a phone call.  I was informed that something had gone wrong with the coding; but it wouldn't effect the outcome of the contest as none of the votes from the other phases of the competition were going to count.  I asked if the winner was going to be determined solely by Internet votes; and this was affirmed.  To say that I wasn't happy about this situation, would be an understatement.  For just as I wrote in "For The Love of Art;" I don't think it's fair to have an "art" contest where the winner is determined solely, by how many votes their parents can facilitate.  Nonetheless; we are all very proud of Lyndzi and her artwork, so once again I had to hit the campaign trail, and implore my friends via Facebook, email and "The Bumpy Ride," to vote for Lyndzi.  So please excuse me this one last plea to vote for Lyndzi.  You may vote once a day PER email address, until 8 am on October 25th; and the winner will receive $1,000.00!!!
Lyndi's new link is http://www.mix969.com/pages/fridge-art/vote-entrants.php?ag=8#17 and we would GREATLY appreciate your support and assistance in this endeavor.

At 1:00 I clocked back in to work, and then out at 3 to pick up the kids from school.  By 315 I was back to work; until I finished for the day at 345.  I was supposed to go to Kelsie's soccer practice so that I could give out some information to Luis' team; but my friend that was supposed to take Nicky to practice today, had to cancel; so basically, I needed to be in 3 places at once.  Luckily 2 of those places were the same place; but the 3rd was about 10 minutes away.  I drove Nicky to his practice, and then went back to Kelsie's / Lyndzi's.  I gave out the flyers that Luis had printed out for me; and circulated our snack sign up-sheet.  It was at this point that the mom of one of Luis' players, told me that they thought their son should have been playing with the older kids, in U-10 and that she had been thinking of switching divisions.  I felt badly; even though there was no way that this was my fault.  I'm not sure why I felt responsible; when there was no way that I was; but that's just how I am.  I didn't want this mom to be unhappy with our team, or Luis; and I encouraged her to make a decision promptl; before a switch wouldn't be possible.
I excused myself and walked over to see Michelle M; who was at Max (Michelle's son) and  Lyndzi's practice.  I expressed my frustration about the possible team change that I'd just discussed; said "Hi" to a couple of other friends; and headed for the parking lot, because it was time to pick up Nicky.
I bid ado to the rest of the parents, and left to get my son.  Nicky was still practicing as the sun set; and I waited patiently, for him to finish up.

We drove home and pulled into the garage about 15 seconds after Luis.  The kids got out of their soccer gear; and we went to Chick-fil-A for dinner; because our school was having a fundraiser there tonight.  Now I like Chick-fil-A as much, if not more than the next girl; but boy oh boy; for a family of 5 at dinner time; it's EXPENSIVE; and I'm usually really good at ordering in a cost effective manner.   Good thing we didn't go to Red Robin the other night, when I was dying for a burger; or I wouldn't have had the bankroll for Chick-fil-A. 

Now don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining about any of these things.  Not the coffee grinds in my java; or the mix up with MIX; or having to be the soccer taxi, or the pricey fare.  Nope; this is ALL just in a day's work for me.  I certainly could have used a perfect cuppa Joe as I started the day; ready to champion any cause that involved my family.  But alas; the first pot went the way of the trash.  so, in situations like these; I think it best to resort back to the advice of my favorite college professor; Jack Kenneally; as I wrote in "The Rules." #1.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  #2.  It's all small stuff and #3. If you can't flee and you can't fight; FLOW.
Till next time...


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Bummer with the mix up... I voted for her again! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Joni Parker said...

Interesting day!! I like the FLOW quote!