Saturday, October 23, 2010

(43-88) All Made Up?

Today's blog topic was pulled from Mari's,"Memories and Thoughts" jar.  I was looking for something lighthearted, and fun and came across "What color is your nail polish and make-up;"  And I though that footed the bill.  
Now, if you've never met me in person; my answer may sound like something that you'd expect a 16 year old to say; but if you have met me; I think you'll agree that in the long run; it all makes sense.
My fingernails are rarely polished; but my toes always are; and the color that I chose at my last pedicure was a pale aqua.  Yes, I chose the color in honor of the Torpedos; but also because it's funky and different; (just like me.)  I only choose red polish once in a blue moon; because I can rarely find a red polish that goes well with my skin tone. If I was going to do something more traditional, i'd probably pick a pink or an orange; but most often I go with some kind of purple.  I march to my own drum when it comes to my nail polish and I think that everybody should.  If red floats your boat; have it; but if you are more of a green gal; I say wear it loud, wear it proud!

My mom always wore a lot of make-up; in fact, I don't think that any of my friends ever saw her without her make-up; although she wasn't as bad as one condo mom who wouldn't let her kids have friends in the house unless she had "her face" on.  My mom had worked in a cosmetics store before I was born; and even though she never worked as a make-up artist; her make-up application was a work of art.  I recall watching her put her make-up on when I was a little girl; and I couldn't wait to get older so that I could wear make-up too.

When I was 12 and attending my first Bar Mitvah, my mom let me buy some lavender, Aziza eyeshadow; and I remember being so excited.  In Junior high, girl's started using Cover Girl, Nautical blue eyeliner; but Richie Howell wasn't down with that; and he made me wait until high school; to wear make-up.   By the time I started high school and had permission to wear make up; I went all out and looking back, it's very possible that I may have overdid it..  I remember wearing varying shades of purple eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner and mascara; but to my credit, I think that it was applied well; (or believe me; the very, critical Richie Howell, would have let me know about it.)   Since I was a big make-up fan my freshman year;  I jumped at the chance to join the make-up crewfor our spring musical; when my friend Joan had asked me about it.  We were taught how to apply the stage make-up and I really enjoyed it; so the following year when they were looking for a new make-up director, I volunteered, was elected; and stayed in that position for 3 years.  By Christmas time, my Freshman year of college, I actually considering leaving school, to go to cosmetology school instead; but I never went through with it.

I find it interesting that as time has gone by; I've grown accustomed to wearing less and less make-up.  On a daily basis I wear purple or plum eyeliner; because I think it is the most flattering for my green eyes; but that's about it.  If I'm wearing my glasses; which I most often  do; I rarely wear mascara.  But if I put my contacts in; then I'll use mascara for sure.  I only seem to use eyeshadow when I'm going on a date with Luis, or  if there is a reason that I want to look extra special.  I love Urban Decay's palettes with all of it's glitter and sparkle; but they can be a little much; so I frequently combine them with a pale pink, or light brown eyeshadow.  If I apply any kind of foundation, or blush to my face; then I'll use a finishing powder as well; but I can probably count on one hand; the number of times a month that I get dolled up like this.

It's striking to me, how make-up trends vary so, in different times and places.  When I watch my Jersey shows; these ladies have pounds of make-up on; but in Peoria, Arizona I encounter fresh faced women more than those wearing make-up.  Growing up in New City, New York, I would have never gone to the super market with a make-up free face; and now it is less than likely that I'd put on make-up to go out to the store.  Who knows...maybe I wanted to wear make-up to be just like my mom.  She was always so glamorous and beautiful; who wouldn't have wanted to appear that way?  But as  I've gotten older; I've grown to appreciate my attributes, and now when I wear make-up it's worn to enhance what I've got; and not cover it up.
If there's one message that I want to convey; it's be who you are!  Be true to yourself; and do what makes you feel good.  That's what being an individual is all about!!
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Joni Parker said...

I agree...I'm a NO makeup girl myself. This is what you get baby...take me or leave me. Thank God my husband takes me! Beauty is within!!!