Saturday, October 30, 2010

(43-95) OH What a Night!

Luis' birthday celebration was absolutely the BEST night out that we've had in forever.  We went to The Shout House, as planned.  You may recall that I previously mentioned The Shout House when I wrote,  "Best of Both Worlds" and I told you that I was a big fan of audience participation.  We've been to The Shout House a number of times before and we've always had a good time.  It's typically  the pianists and their shtick that make for a good time; but last night it was the combination of friends that joined us, that made for such an exceptional evening. 

Luis usually hangs out with Mike K, and David; and over time they have come to affectionately call each other SMF (Sexy, Mother F___ers.)  So last night, the SMF's were joined by myself, Michelle M, Jenny (wife of David,) Tina and our newest addition, Mike F; who we know from soccer and I will refer to as Big Mike.  

Luis, Mike K and David were quick to welcome Big Mike to the SMF club; and  once they did; the hilarity did not stop.  I won't go on with the details; (right, me, Queen of DETAILS;) because I think that it's probably a case of you had to be there; but suffice it to say, that this quartet reminded me of what "The Hangover" guys might be when they're ten years older and have packed on a few pounds.  OH what a night!  We ALL had smiles plastered to our faces and we cackled continuously. 
In between 
the roars of laughter, most of our party were consuming large amounts of alcoholic beverages; (not me though, because I was a designated driver;) and by the end of the evening, I don't think they were feeling any pain. 

In the almost 17 years that I've known Luis, this was only the second time that I'd seen him drunk; and I think it would be fair to say that he was plastered.  I looked at Luis towards the end of the evening and I thought that he was going to be sick.  I encouraged him to call it a night, and within an hour we had left for the evening.  Luis, Michelle and I laughed all the way to our cars; and everyone agreed that the night had been beyond compare.

Shortly after arriving home, Luis began to pay the price for his indulgence.  The room was spinning and he thought he was going to get sick.  I suggested that he try to throw up, because often you feel better after; and he didn't have to TRY very hard at all.  Luis got sick periodically throughout the night; and would have done well to sleep in; but we all had to get up early for soccer.

I mobilized our family at 630am as both Nicky and Lyndzi had 730am warm up and 8am games.  Luis was very slow moving and informed me that I'd need to drive; which I gladly did.  We arrived at the soccer field, anxious to see what condition our friends were in; and we laughed all over again; once we all met up.  Luis was going to start out at Nicky's game and me at Lyndzi's and then we'd switch places at half time.  But at half time Luis called and meekly said that he would prefer not to move, and asked if it was OK for us to stay where we were.  I agreed; but sadly, by doing so I missed Nicky scoring two consecutive goals at his game.  I guess I'll just chalk that up to Luis' birthday present.

When all was said and done; I asked Luis if getting sick and being hungover were worth the time that he had last night; and he didn't hesitate to say "YES!"   The Shout House was undoubtedly a great place to meet; but it was most definitely the company that made the evening as enjoyable as it was.

I'm so glad that EVERYONE had such a slendiferous time; and that we all know that age is just a number.  I think that we all realized that no matter what's going on in your life; if you've got GOOD friends; you're rich.
Till next time...


Joni Parker said...

Looks and sounds like you guys had fun!!! I'm glad he thought today was worth it!!

michelle said...

OHHHHHHH this was so fun!! I have not had a great time like that in ages...I almost felt young again. Especially dancing with "Brad Pitt." LOL. It was so wonderful to see Luis so incredibly carefree and full of joy - he was happiness through and through and it was CONTAGIOUS. The whole night was a celebration of friendship and life and I will never, ever forget it.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh how FUN!!! :):):):):) I am gonna have to check that place out! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)