Tuesday, October 19, 2010

(43-84) Say What?

Since my schedule is a bit turned around this week; due to dentist and doctor's appointments; parent / teacher conferences and early out on Thursday and Friday; I went into my office today, instead of my customary, Thursday.
On the one day a week that I go to my office, I usually get something for lunch with my friend Kathy; although we typically try to pick something that we have a coupon for or something that is inexpensive. Yesterday I reminded Kathy that I would be coming in to the office today; and I let her know that I had a coupon for Logan's, because sometimes we get their salad and baked sweet potato combo for $4.99

Early this morning I showed Kathy my coupon and we read all of the fine print to see what we couldn't use the coupon on. It reminded me of the scene in "The Jerk," where Navin (Steve Martin) is working in the weight guessing booth at the carnival and when someone asks what they could win if he didn't guess their weight; he mentioned everything that they couldn't get and finally concluded that the person could have anything within a very, small boxed area.

Ultimately, we decided not to use our Logan's coupon today and tried to decide on something else for lunch. Since we were trying to think of something inexpensive, I suggested that we get French Dip sandwiches from Arby's because I had seen a flyer that offered them 2 for $5.00Kathy and I went to Arby's but we didn't see anything that stated the 2 for $5 offer, so I asked the cashier if we needed a coupon; and what she said really threw me for a loop. The cashier told me that I needed a coupon; BUT they give it back to you. And when I said, "OK, I don't have a physical coupon with me, but I know about the offer, and since you would only be giving me the coupon back anyway; can't I get them 2 for $?" And she said "No." No, I couldn't believe it. I mean they don't even keep the coupon, so what sense does this make? I'd say that I was shocked, but then again, this IS Arby's. The same company that I advised of a typo in their advertisement a couple of months ago. Yes, I had a coupon sheet for Arby's only it wasn't called Arby's in their ad; they were Abry's. Ever so slight difference; but for a Nationwide company; this didn't look good. And neither does this coupon policy.

Now trust me; I'm not troubling myself AT ALL, over the stupidity of the coupon situation; this is not a problem by any means; just an annoyance. It's amazing to me that someone convinced a company do business this way; but then again, when we were at Mari's crop on Saturday night, we ordered Mexican food and Mari asked for chips and salsa (enough for the 6 people who were ordering food) and the order taker informed Mari that we would be given 1 complimentary bag of chips with salsa and we would have to pay $6 for an additional bag. Say what? If we were sitting in the restaurant, we all could have unlimited chips and salsa, but because we got it to go; we were only entitled to one small bag? This is starting to make Big Heng's fortune cookie policy, that I wrote about in "You Know You Have A Problem When...#6" sound sane.
Anyway, Mari asked the order taker, "If I ordered six separate orders would everyone get their own chips and salsa?" And the voice on the other end of the phone said "Yes." Mari said "OK then, I'm going to give you six separate names for this order; or do I have to hang up and call you back six times?" The order taker than begrudgingly took all six names; and when we went to pick up the food, we found a bag of chips and salsa accompanying each of our meals.
This company, chip policy made absolutely no sense to us. What ever happened to businesses wanting to accommodate their customers so that they would want to return. Why do some businesses cease to remember that without us they have no business; so they shouldn't piss us off with their ridiculous rules. It's not that I believe that the customer is always right, because honestly, sometimes we're not; but it does seem that the coupon at Arby's and the chips at the Mexican restaurant are two policies that need to be re-worked.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

When I was a single mom i worked at arby's as a second job... and i do know their coupon policy...never understood it... lol... but that is what they do :) and i guess my opinion is just like people that take advantage of welfare and FMLA policies...and just try and cheat at every chance they can .... stores can't always afford to 'give away the bank' as they have been cheated by too many thieves :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Joni Parker said...

Paige...is your last paragraph out of order in your post. It still made sense, but ??? I hate stupid business rules...I have one.. At Tuesday Morning, they had Buy 1, Get 2nd one 1/2 price on their clearance items. So I had 2 items at $20 (approx), 2 items at $3 and 2 items at $1. I paired them up to be sure that the cashier charged me 20, 3 and 1 and then 10, 1.50 & .50 ---right? She said she had to charge me for the 3 most expensive items and I'd get the lesser 3 half price. So I'd pay, $20, $20 & $3.00 and get .1.50, .50 and .50 --?? What..??? I told her to please ring up the 2 $20 items and I'd pay for those, then the 2 $3 items...etc. She reluctantly did it "my" way? REallY??