Tuesday, October 26, 2010

(43-91) A REAL Time Warp

So the burning question has got to be "Was the Rocky Horror GLEE episode as awesome as I'd anticipated?"   And my answer would have to be "NO."  However; with that being said, I will fully concede that sometimes you can build something up so much in your mind that it will never be able to exceed your expectations; and I do believe that was the case in this instance.  I guess that it's true; we need to be careful what we wish for, because watching the cast of "GLEE" re-create "Rocky Horror" definitely felt like a REAL time warp.   

Now in all fairness; don't let the fact that I said it wasn't awesome, mean that it wasn't good; because it was.  In fact, there were some parts that were FANTASTIC; and I have to say that it was extremely clever.  They managed to do a number of songs from the movie, using the premise of putting on the play.  And through auditions and rehearsals, they provided us with some of the very best of "Rocky Horror."  I think that it was a very nice tribute; and though I never expected it to be identical to the original; it left me longing for it.
 I'm going to go at this a little differently this evening and tell you what I liked the best and the least about this episode.  Let's go with what I liked the least first; because I always like to end on a positive note.

Least fave moments of "Rocky Horror GLEE" (in no particular order):
1.  Mercedes singing "Sweet Transvestite."  I LOVE Mercedes' voice; and had I never heard "sweet Transvestite" before; her rendition might not have bothered me.  BUT, when you are comparing her performance with Tim Curry's, it's just too far of a stretch for me; so I have to say  - nice try but no cigar.
2.  Quinn's solo as Magenta in "Time Warp,"  I think she took to much liberty with the song and I would have preferred that she sang it more like the original.
3.  The fact that Mr. Shue suggested that he play Rocky; even if it only was to rehearse "Toucha, Toucha, Toucha, Touch me," with Emma; was nauseating.  Yuk Mr. Shue; YUK! 

The Best parts of "Rocky Horror GLEE" (in no particular order):
1.  The opening scene; great lips; super vocals.
2.  Appearances by original cast members Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf.
3.  "Toucha, Toucha, Toucha, Touch Me."  Although I wouldn't have wanted to see Mr. Shue as Rocky, Emma did a spot on job as Janet in one of my FAVORITE RH tunes.
4.  Hot Patootie!  Even though John Stamos didn't sound as good as Meatloaf, when he originally rocked this number; I thought it was fun, fun fun!  Way to go Uncle Jessie!
5.  "There's a Light "   I enjoy Rachel's voice; being the Broadway lover that I am; BUT I must say that I liked that Rachel didn't over sing this song.  I though that she rivalled the original.  Nicely done.

Now, I revert to my original statement.  This wasn't a bad show by any stretch of the imagination; I just think that in many cases; you can never be as good as the original, ie: Willy Wonka.  I don't think that there is anyone who would be willing to say that the re-make of "Willy Wonka" was better than the original; no matter how much you love Johnny Depp.  
I'm grateful that  "GLEE" did this episode, because it reminded me of how much I love this music; and how many great times I had; going to the show.  It's not something that I had thought about in a long time and it was fun to take this walk down memory lane.
Till next time...

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Joni Parker said...

I don't watch GLEE...but after your comment the other night, I found it on TV and caught a few minutes with Meatloaf & Barry Bostwick in an office. Got distracted by something, (dinner or Joseph probably) and never thought about it again (which meant the TV channel was changed while I was distraced -- hubby)... I totally forgot until I read your post. Glad it was good/not so good... Oh well..