Thursday, October 21, 2010

(43-86) Bountifully Blessed

Last week, while chatting with my girl's teachers before I volunteered in Kelsie's class; Lyndzi's teacher told me that Lyndzi was going to be student of the month; and they'd be having the assembly on October 22.  We all agreed that I would go to Kelsie's class in the morning, (as if I was volunteering;) so that Lyndzi wouldn't be suspicious of me being at school.  Sound familiar?  I wrote about the same ploy in "Kudos To Kelsie;" where I did something similar for Kels when she was student of the month.

It's actually difficult for me to write this next segment, because I'm fearful of being misunderstood.  It is my sincere hope that I can properly convey  this message in the spirit in which it's meant; which is a spirit of love, kindness, compassion, respect and gratitude.  So with that said; I'll proceed with caution.

We went to the assembly first thing this morning and I sat with Kelsie's class.  And as I took a look around the room; I was reminded of the various populations of special needs children that we service on our campus; and I felt very thankful and bountifully blessed to have such capable children.  ALL of the children were so wonderful and sweet but my heart felt sad; and grateful at the same time.  Now PLEASE don't get me wrong.  I know that ALL children are capable of great things; but some have handicaps that others do not.  On our campus we service deaf children, and children who have diagnosis' that fall somewhere within the autism spectrum; and when they come together with the general population, their is a noticeable difference.  Not a better or a worse difference; just noticeable.  some have to wear headphones to block out noise; others flail there hands about, or jerk uncontrollably; and these are things that I don't experience on a regular basis; but effect me profoundly.

I remember when I was about 10 years old; my parents had some old friends come to our home for a visit.  I had never met these friends before; and they had brought their daughter who was younger than me and was completely blind.  I had never met a blind person before; and I tried not to treat her differently; but when I put 2 little super balls in her hands and told her that one was red and one was blue; her parents politely told me that she had no idea what red or blue was; and when they left, shortly thereafter; I cried hysterically.  It seemed so unfair to me, that this young children was deprived of her sight; and I was overcome with emotion. 
I've always had a soft spot for those who are different.  I cried uncontrollably for Forrest Gump for  Pete's sake.  And I'm not saying that I pity the children at my kids school; because it's not my pity that they need.  I'm just expressing that I feel compassion for their struggles.

Sitting in the auditorium and waiting for Lyndzi's name to be called, I had time to reflect on all that my children have been blessed with.  Their health; their aptitude, and their special gifts; just to name a few.  I was even appreciative of Kelsie's tenacity and her resolve to argue with me the way that she does; because she was endowed with the ability to do so.

After the principal called Lyndzi's name; her teacher read the following "This certificate celebrates Lyndzi Ramos for the month of October.  Lyndzi always comes to school with a smile on her face!  She is quick to lend a hand to others, and is a very conscientious student!"  Do I have to tell you how proud I was?  Lyndzi exemplifies all of the qualities that I respect in an individual; and it is an honor and my pleasure to be her mother. 

It often seems easier to dwell on what we have not; and overlook what we have; I can assure you that I take nothing for granted and  I realize how very, fortunate I am in so many ways.  One may be rich financially and destitute emotionally.  One may have wealth but not love; one may have commodities, but not comfort.  There are definitely some things that money cannot buy; and those are the things that are priceless.
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Joni Parker said...

Well said, Paige! Congrats to Lyndzi!