Monday, October 25, 2010

(43-90) It Ain't Over...

As disturbed as I was by my conversation with the "Art Teacher;"  I decided that I needed to address the matter further; so this morning I went to see the Principal.  The Principal wasn't available, so I left a message with her secretary; and within a few hours, I received a call.
I thanked the Prinicpal for calling and reminded her that we'd spoken about the "Art Teacher" previously.  I explained that I'd met with the "A.T" on Friday, because I was interested to find out why Lyndzi had received a 95 on her progress report and an 87 on her report card.  I explained that Lyndzi had a recognizable talent; and provided details of some of her artistic accomplishments; so that she would understand why Lyndzi's grade was surprising.  I then went on to tell her that the "A.T" had made several statements that I found disturbing; but the worst was that she had never met more undisciplined children than those that attended our school.  The principal was not pleased to hear this.

If you've already read "The Art Thief;" then you know what else I told the Principal.  And what the Principal told me; was that they are very concerned about the "A.T."  They met with her on Friday and the were going to be meeting with her again today.  They have her scheduled to attend several workshops that they feel she will benefit from; and will aid her in becoming more equipped to teach at our school.  She also guaranteed me that they are taking all of our concerns very seriously.

I advised the Principal, that I am at the school often, because I volunteer at least once a week; and I informed her that I've spoken with a number of parents who had very critical opinions of the "Art Teacher;" though they may not have made her aware of them.  And then, because I know that she's from New York; I threw in " What can I say, maybe I'm just an outspoken New Yorker; but when I feel that there is something wrong; I have to address it head on."  With that, the Principal said "You're from New York?  I'm from New York;" and we had a pleasant lil chat about that.   Now don't get me wrong; I don't think that the Principal gives my allegations more credence because I'm a New Yorker; I'm just saying that a common bond never hurts.

The Principal assured me that she knew that I was complaining because I love my children and I was concerned about our students in general.  And she encouraged me to contact her any time I had misgivings or questions about something that was going on at school.  I felt that Principal had listened to me and was taking my accusations seriously; so I couldn't have asked for more; FOR NOW.

As it so happens; both Kelsie and Lyndzi have art tomorrow; so we'll just have to wait and see how that goes.  AND, if either of my girls has anything unsavory to report; guess where I'll be heading?  
Till next time,,,


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

wow....i hope it all gets better soon! :):):):):):):):):)

Joni Parker said...

You gettem' girlfriend...!!! It's like a good TV show where there keeps being commercials and you have to wait to see what happens next.!!